Release notes for 2.4.4 (12/01/2020)

[FIXED] Cash book: when creating the Z report, decimal places were not taken into account in the "bank to cash" transfer.

[FIXED] In very rare cases the lodging price was incorrectly calculated if a bed tax with the properties "fixed price" and "in addition to lodging price" was assigned to a booking.

Release notes for 2.4.3 (11/24/2020)

[NEW] Within the TSE signature, the QR code can be reduced in size and the position relative to the TSE signature text can be changed./p>

[CHANGED] Printing the TSE signature on invoices and receipts is no longer done on a new page. The TSE signature block now remains on the same page as the invoice text as long as it fits completely on this page.

[CHANGED] Guest management: The character limit for the input field "Debtor account" was increased from 6 to 9.

[CHANGED] When entering the User PIN for the TSE login, alphanumeric characters can now be entered.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, an internal error occurred when establishing a connection with the TSE if spaces were entered in the IP address field.

[FIXED] Occupancy plan > Toolbar: The label text of some icons was cut off and is now visible again.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, the price of group bookings was incorrectly added up if a percentage city tax was assigned to the bookings.

Release Notes for 2.4.2 (11/06/2020)

[CHANGED] Customer accounts can now have 9 digits in the settings.

[CHANGED] It is now no longer possible to create a Z report if the count report is not filled in.

[CHANGED] When printing a receipt via the receipt printer, the system now checks whether the IP address and port for the receipt printer have been defined in the settings.

[FIXED] 32Bit Windows-Version: Under certain circumstances a negative result occurred when entering the counting protocol for the Z-report.

Releasenote for 2.4.1 (10/27/2020)

[NEW] Connection of Lodgit Desk to a certified technical safety device (TSE), which can be purchased here (Link in German), according to KassenSichV 2020 possible:

  • Sign/certify orders placed in Lodgit Desk in the form of bookings available in the working database;
  • Sign/certify invoices and print TSE status information (including QR code);
  • Sign/certify receipts and print out TSE status information (including QR code);
  • Invoices and receipts, which are created in the work database, are signed/certified on the TSE as "receipt".
  • Invoices and receipts which are generated in the test database are signed/certified on the TSE as "AV Training".
  • As soon as rental properties are available that have been assigned to the country "Germany", a message will be displayed when starting Lodgit Desk that the use of a Technical Security Device (TSE) is mandatory in Germany, as soon as the possibility of recording cash payment transactions exists.
  • As soon as the interface "KassenSichV TSE" is or was activated, it is no longer possible to shorten a booking for which the accommodation service was invoiced.
  • As soon as the interface "KassenSichV TSE" in Lodgit Desk has been activated once, it is no longer possible to undo the last cash balance (Z-Bon).

[NEW] Booking independent vouchers of type "Sales" can now also be printed on a receipt printer.

[NEW] Create an X-Bon using the "Cash book (list of cash receipts)" window.

[NEW] Create a Z-Bon using the "Cash book (list of cash receipts)" window.

  • Overview of income and expenses by tax rate.
  • Counting protocol and thus recording of the cash deficit/excess amount.
  • Cash shortfalls/excesses are listed in the "Accounting export" list and can be entered in the desired account.
  • The result of the counting protocol determines the new cash balance.
  • It is not possible to create a Z-Bon if one or more intermediate cash register balances have a negative value.
  • It is not possible to create a Z-Bon if the final balance of the cash register has a negative value.

[CHANGED] The additional module "Kassa Austria RKSV" was renamed to "Kassensicherung (DE: KassenSichV, AT: RKSV)" and is strongly recommended to users with objects in Germany and Austria to settle cash payments in Lodgit Desk.

[CHANGED] It is no longer possible to change the number of persons in a booking once the accommodation service has been invoiced.

[FIXED] When reloading the booking plan, cancelled entries were sometimes displayed in front of active entries.

[FIXED] Interface "Kassa Austria RKSV" > Under very rare circumstances the calculation of the item quantity was not correct.

[FIXED] GoBD Journal Data > Under very rare circumstances, the item quantity calculation was not correct.

Releasenote for 2.3.7 (06/30/2020)

[NEW] In the additional module Kassa Austria (RKSV) it is now possible to transfer 5 % as VAT rate to the cbird-USB cash register.

[CHANGED] The error display of the electronic registration form system AVS was improved.

[CHANGED] Window positions are remembered, even if a window is moved to another monitor. It now opens on the last monitor used.

[FIXED] Added caption to the last table columns of the accommodation tax list.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, rounding differences occurred when calculating the overnight stay price if an overnight stay tax was included as a fixed amount with VAT.

Release Notes for 2.3.6 (05/05/2020)

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurred in the correspondence section of the booking window, leaving the correspondence list empty.

[FIXED] In the tooltip of the booking plan the invoice of the accommodation was no longer displayed as soon as it had the status "Paid".

Release Notes for 2.3.5 (05/04/2020)

[NEW] In the booking window in the correspondence section, the payment method is now also displayed in addition to the payment on the date of an invoice.

[NEW] When deleting bookings via the booking plan, the delete dialog now shows both the booking number and the name of the main contact.

[NEW] The tooltip for bookings in the booking plan now shows the following additional information for correspondence:

  • Date of offer deadline or date of offer confirmation deadline
  • Date of the deadline for confirmation of the confirmation
  • Date of payment or paid on date of invoice
  • Payment method of the invoice

[NEW] The About window now shows whether the installed version is 32 bit or 64 bit.

[CHANGED] When saving the booking plan (image and export) the color of the booking bars is now dependent on the color "background" for the booking plan.

[CHANGED] When using the 64Bit version of Lodgit Desk under Windows the internal updater is switched off for the time being.

[CHANGED] When manually searching for updates for Lodgit Desk 64 Bit under Windows, the download website of Lodgit now opens.

[CHANGED] In the booking window under Correspondence, the search for correspondence related to this booking has been improved.

[CHANGED] When printing a draft invoice, the hint to the draft invoice is now printed as text instead of an image.

[FIXED] Under Windows, the text of selected lines in some lists was no longer readable. This affected "Booking window > Correspondence", "Extra item management", "Package management" and several statistics lists.

[FIXED] When saving the booking plan as an image, a white image was created.

[FIXED] When saving documents as PDF, the transparent areas of the letterhead image were printed in black from the 2nd page onwards.

Release Notes for 2.3.4 (04/20/2020)

[NEW] Apple DarkMode Support implemented.

[NEW] A "crosshair" can be switched on in the occupancy plan, which is displayed in the " draw in" mode and serves as a drawing aid. The "crosshairs" are a marker for the day in the time line and the rental unit in the rental unit column.

[NEW] There is now a button in the price management that leads to the price management for the channel manager accounts.

[NEW] Electronic registration form system "JetWeb Feratel Deskline": In the link for the HTTP print a placeholder can now be used which is automatically replaced by the individual dbOV (DB code).

[NEW] Electronic registration form system "JetWeb Feratel Deskline": When retrieving the IDs, the dbOV (DB code) is now also retrieved.

[CHANGED] The cash register interface (Protel compatible, Gastware) is left active even if the storage location is not available or the rights to write to the storage location are not given.

[CHANGED] The settings window for the Häfele locking system interface has been adapted.

[CHANGED] Standardized naming when creating PDF files. These are now identical for the respective document type.

[CHANGED] Occupancy plan: The label text of overlong bookings whose start date is outside the visible area of the occupancy plan is now displayed.

[CHANGED] Improved error checking when creating a backup or other files and folders.

[CHANGED] The print preview/printer page now checks if the height/width is not in the range 1-32767 pixels.

[FIXED] If the accommodation service of a booking has been invoiced, the accommodation price is no longer automatically replaced with the data from the price management when the booking is shortened - even in the status "Reserved".

[FIXED] When opening the guest management, the guest history of the guests is now called up again by default with the date selection "All".

[FIXED] Sending emails via the standard email program was not always possible from macOS Catalina on.

[FIXED] When creating text or CSV files, the text encoding specified in the settings was ignored.

[FIXED] When printing the receipts for the designs "Sales - Classic" and "Sales - Elegant" the total number of articles was wrong.

[FIXED] The chart for the "Finances" list may have displayed incorrect values.

[FIXED] The occupancy plan may have been "fuzzy".

[FIXED] Under macOs Catalina, the selected color of the "color selector" (colorpicker) was sometimes not correctly applied and displayed when closing the color selection window.

[FIXED] After successfully changing the colors for the occupancy plan itself and the booking status, the occupancy plan is now immediately redrawn.

[FIXED] When sending e-mails with PDF, no PDF file is transferred to the standard e-mail program for confirmations.

[FIXED] When working in the occupancy plan, the change to the correct mouse pointer may have been delayed.

[FIXED] The moving line is now correctly hidden as soon as the mouse pointer leaves the occupancy plan.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, closing the rental unit management took a very long time. This was dependent on how many extra item packages were created.

[FIXED] When printing and in the print preview, it is now caught if the paper size is set to a height/width outside the printable area (1-32767 pixels).

[FIXED] The error catching when creating a backup has been improved once again, so that instead of the error message "Internal error" a more meaningful error message is displayed.

Release Notes for 2.3.3 (02/12/2020)

[FIXED] When opening the Documents window, the settings for the number range were not loaded correctly. If you had configured individual number ranges in Lodgit Desk under the settings, these were no longer automatically preset in the "Documents" window after the update, but the default number range.

[FIXED] When opening the Sales Quotation, Confirmation, Invoice, and Documents windows, the settings for the 2nd currency were not loaded correctly.

Release Notes for 2.3.2 (02/11/2020)

[FIXED] Windows: The internal update search now refers to the download page instead of the internal download program.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, opening the "Correspondence" list was extremely delayed or no longer possible.

Release Notes for 2.3.1 (02/10/2020)

[NEW] Object management > Rental units > Cleaning : You can set a new cleaning interval, which is depending on the number of overnight stays.

[NEW] Object management > rental units > Cleaning: 14-day cleaning interval selectable

[NEW] Warning when creating documents dated more than 3 years ago

[NEW] The creation of documents is now prevented if a date is before 1.1.1970.

[CHANGED] Windows: When sending e-mails via the standard e-mail program, a modal window is now used which is always on top.

[CHANGED] Error message revised if an error occurred when deleting extra item packages.

[CHANGED] In the lists "Correspondence", "Financial reports", "Down payment list", "Guest history > Offers", "Guest history > Confirmations", "Guest history > Invoices", "Guest history > Correction invoices", "Guest history > Reminders", "Guest history > Letters" and "Guest history > Receipts", only the years for which data exists are displayed in the "Period" filter.

[CHANGED] List financial reports: If the search date is too far in the past, the buttons are now correctly disabled. In addition, a note text is displayed below the list.

[CHANGED] Improved error message on connection failure with the cubeSQL.

[CHANGED] Various changes to the predefined texts in the text management.

[CHANGED] Improved display of the picture buttons throughout the program.

[CHANGED] Channelmanager: Logo and name of Cultuzz replaced by Cultswitch

[FIXED] macOS 10.15 (Catalina): The second color change causes a crash.

[FIXED] macOS 10.15 (Catalina): When displaying diagrams the texts in the diagram were missing.

[FIXED] macOS 10.15 (Catalina): Sending e-mails with PDF attachments to the standard e-mail program was no longer possible.

[FIXED] List "Financial Reports": Existing down payment invoices were not displayed if the filters were set to "All valid objects" and "Referred to: Paid on".

[FIXED] In the "Go to Date" window, the calendar weeks did not comply with the ISO standard.

[FIXED] An internal error occurred when losing the connection to the CubeSQL database server and simultaneously editing a booking via the booking plan.

[FIXED] Electronic registration form system "AVS": When creating a registration form for a group booking, an internal error may have occurred.

[FIXED] Electronic registration form system "Feratel": When printing a created registration form, the URL always referred to the Feratel test server if no host name was stored in the URL with the corresponding settings.

[FIXED] Electronic registration form system "Feratel": An internal error may have occurred when completing a registration form that had been created.

[FIXED] Creating reminders for invoices of deleted guests led to an internal error.

[FIXED] When creating an invoice or a correction invoice, the texts for "Tax (gross)" were not saved.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurs when leaving a table list.

[FIXED] A payment type which had the property "Active=No" was neither displayed in the text management nor in the settings for "Accounting export" and "Kassa Austria RKSV".

[FIXED] Down payment list" list: The fields for the period are not deactivated correctly.

[FIXED] The "Correspondence" list opens very slowly if documents prior to 1970 are available. 

[FIXED] When printing the lists "Correspondence > Documents" and "Correspondence > Corrective invoice", the headings in the printout were incorrect.

[FIXED] List "Correspondence": The pictures in the column "Type" may have been blurred.

[FIXED] Missing texts and translations in the "Additional modules > GoBD Export" window

[FIXED] Windows: When opening the context menu (right click) of a booking in the booking plan there were too many entries in the context menu.