Agent List

Lodgit Desk can compile a list of all bookings that have come in through an agent during a certain time frame. It will list the bookings, the revenue generated by those bookings, the commission rate and the commission amount you owe the agent. This list can be printed.

1. In the menu bar, go to Lists > Agent List. This will open the Agent Statistics.

2. In the drop down menu, select the time frame for the bookings you want to be shown. You can select months, quarters, six-month-periods and years. And you can choose if you want to sort the list by arrival or departure dates of the bookings.

3. In the drop down menu on the right you can filter the list by only showing bookings of a selected object or selected income types (accommodations and/or extras).

agent statistics

The Comparison shows the number of bookings for each agent, the revenue generated by those bookings, the commission percentage and the commission amount you will have to pay your agent for these bookings.

agent statistics comparison

In the Details area, you can view every single booking for each agent during the specified time frame. Double-clicking on a list item will open the booking window for the booking selected.