City / Accommodation Tax

Some cities and communities charge a special city/accommodation tax that is due for each tourist. Lodgit Desk offers a general setting for those.

Go to Preferences (Edit > Preferences on a Windows and Lodgit Desk > Preferences on a Mac) and then go to the tab Tax.

First, you'll have to activate the function by checking the box at the top. Then, you can set up the tax for your property:

1. Select the amount of the tax. You can choose from a percentage amount from the gross or net accommodation price or a set amount per person, day, night or person/night or person/day.

2. Select the method for calculating the accommodation tax. Please therefore use the examples for the correct calculation published by your municipal administration.
You can choose between the following methods:

Added to the lodging rate
The percentage of the accommodation tax is calculated from the lodging rate. It is added to the end price of the lodging rate.

Included in the lodging rate
The accommodation tax is already included in the lodging rate, its percentage amount is discounted from the lodging rate. As the end price for the lodging rate already includes tax accommodation it remains the same.

Deducted from the lodging rate
The percentage of the accommodation tax is calculated from the lodging rate and then deducted. The end-price for the lodging rate and accommodation tax remains the same.

3. If the accommodation tax has some sort of VAT or Sales Tax itself, you can also define this here.

4. Finally, you can decide where the tax should be listed on offers, confirmations and invoices: beneath the lodging rate it belongs to, underneath the last invoice item, at the end of the invoice or just as an explanatory note.

5. If you want to use the Financial Export, you have to make a note of the correct account here.

If you manage more than one object and they have a different city/accommodation tax, you can also set up several taxes.

You can add the tax manually or automatically to each new booking in a unit.