Create database backup

The SQL database that contains all booking data can be backed up manually or automatically.

Go to Preferences and then select the list item Backup.

If you are using the server feature, the backups have to be done by the server. More information about additional modules.

Select location for backups

By clicking the Button "Select" you can choose the location for the database backup(s).

You can do a manual backup by going to File > Create Backup.

Configure settings for automatic backup

Check the box that says Backup automatically. This will give you several options:

  • backing up every x hours
  • backing up when starting the program (always; without prompting)
  • backing up when quitting the program
    • Lodgit Desk can prompt for update or do it without prompting

You can use more than one of these options:

With every backup, a new file with a timestamp is created. In the event that you need to restore from a backup file, you'll be able to choose the exact file you want to restore from. You have the option to automatically delete backup files after a specified time (e.g. 30 days).

Important Security Note:
To make sure that your database won't be lost in case of a hard-drive failure, please always make copies of your backups on an external drive (such as USB, online backup, external hard-drive etc.).
All modern computer systems come equipped with a backup program that can help you with that (Mac OS X Time Machine, Windows 7 Security Center etc.).