Database server and "vanished" online bookings or "changing" vacancies

When using the database server and a channel manager/ online booking system at the same time, it sometimes seems as if online bookings simply disappear even though the Lodgit desk support assures you upon request that they have been transferred. It can also happen that your channel manager tells you that the availability seems to change all the time, sometimes the rental unit is transferred as occupied, sometimes as free.

This can be because you synchronise online with different databases (retrieve online bookings, transfer availabilities), e.g. because a  computer in the network always switches to the local mode because it is not connected to the CubeSQL server and then erroneously synchronises with the local database in which the bookings you are looking for end or from which the availabilities are transferred.

Therefore, please make sure that the synchronisation is switched off in local mode for the work and test databases of every computer on which you want to work with Lodgit in parallel. Please also switch this off for the test database in database server mode.

  1. In local mode (see screenshot 1, arrow: Reception (local)) first select the working database.
faq db server 0

2. Then go to >Administration >Synchronization and Online Modules at the top of the menu bar and uncheck >Allow this computer for synchronisation if necessary (see screenshot 2, arrow).

faq db server 1

3. Repeat the process for the test database, see screenshot 1.

You must switch off synchronisation in both databases in local mode on each computer on which Lodgit Desk is to be used in parallel in the network.

4. Then switch to the database server mode. To do this, go to the menu bar at the top to >File (Mac) or >File (Win) and then to >Use database server.

5. Select the test database there and remove the check mark for the automatic synchronisation if necessary (see step 2. above).

6. Then select the work database and, if necessary, set the check mark at >Allow this computer for automatic synchronisation. You must allow synchronisation on at least 1 computer, but you can also set this on all computers. 

The synchronisation must ONLY be activated for the WORK database in SERVER mode!
In ALL LOCAL databases and in the TEST database in SERVER mode the automatic synchronisation must be switched off.

With other settings, bookings can "disappear" or availabilities "change", since these accidentally end up in other databases or are transferred from them.

You can quickly see that the computer is in server mode by the blue square icon to the left of the> working database. If the symbol is white/yellow, the computer is in local mode, see screenshot 3 and screenshot 1.

faq db server 2