Edit guest profile

1. Open the guest profile of the guest you want to edit in the Guest Management.

2. Edit the data

3. All changes will be saved automatically.

If this contact is a company, make sure to check the box that says so.

Individual form of address

Here, you can add a text that will be used as a salutation for all correspondence with the guest - offers, confirmations, invoices, letters. If you leave this field empty, the default salutation "Dear Mr ..." and "Dear Ms ..." will be used.

Individual address format

If you click on the stift button next to the street field, a new window will open that will let you define an individual address format. This will overwrite the preferences for country address formats.

In this example, the placeholder [COUNTRY] was removed and instead "USA" was put in.

No. of bookings

This field shows how many bookings the guest has already been attached to as a guest or main contact. Whenever the guest checks out this number will increase automatically.

If this field was edited manually by you (e.g. if you want to make a guest a regular from the beginning) it will still increase automatically with each booking starting with the number you have entered.