Invoicing options

In the invoice options, you can define different default settings for your invoices.

Define cancellation date

If you wish to have a uniform procedure for dating your cancellation invoices, you can specify here whether the original invoice date, the date of issue of the cancellation itself or an individual date is desired.

By default, no selection is made here.

Display further guest data on invoices

In some countries, it is necessary to include further data about the invoice recipient on invoices and receipts. If you select the corresponding checkbox, the specification is also listed on the invoice (or on documents and down payment invoices).

Invoice options: other details

You also define these rules here for the corresponding correction invoices.

In order to display the information on the invoice, please configure these details in the guest administration.

Under "further details" you can select e.g. tax number in the drop-down menu and enter it in the free field.

If you want the invoice to display the word "tax identification number" instead of "tax number", for example, you can adjust this in the text management > Correspondence for each individual document (except in quotations, confirmations and reconfirmations) or for each language you use.

As a result, the additional information will appear at the top right of the invoice.

Example of an invoice with tax number of the guest

Attention: It is not possible to enter and display the field "Tax identification number" in the guest administration manually as an own field. There are only placeholders for the additional information listed in the settings.