Kassa Austria RKSV Interface

The interface "Kassa Austria RKSV" allows sending all invoice data created in Lodgit Desk to a cbird pendrive POS. This is necessary for Austrian customers accepting cash or credit/debit card payments on site (above 7500€ per year) in order to comply with the current Austrian financial laws (the RKSV act).

This law requires the transaction data to be saved on a second, external device at least every three months. cbird complies with this requirement: new and changed transaction/invoice data will be saved both on the pendrive as well as on the hard-drive of your computer.

Generally cbird is a POS software on a pendive. Lodgit Desk sends all invoice and invoice cancellation data to the stick which archives them and prints a receipt.

Setting up the interface

First of all you need to add the "Kassa Austria RKSV" interface to your existing Lodgit Desk license. You can simply purchase it the online shop on our website. Second you need the actual cbird pendrive which you can order on cbird.at

After purchasing the interface for Lodgit Desk you might need to update your license information. Click "File" (on Windows) / "Lodgit Desk" (on Mac) > "Software Activation..." > "Update License Info".

Now head to the general preference of Lodgit Desk by clicking "Edit" (Windows) / "Lodgit Desk" (Mac) > "Preferences...". You should now be able to see "Kassa Austria RKSV" in the list of settings on the left side. Click on it and then change to "Location"

Kassa preferences window

In this window you have to enter the unique number of your cbird pendrive (the "Kassennummer") and then click "Pfad erneut ermitteln". Afterwards tick the box for "Interface Active".

Now you can insert the cbird pendrive into your computer, start up the cbird software (so far unfortunately only available in German), configure it and make sure that "Automatisches Bonnieren" is activated in the cbird software.

When creating a new invoice in Lodgit Desk with a payment method that is considered by cbird, the invoice information (items, total, etc...) will automatically be exported and processed by the cbird software.