Optional: packages bookable online

If you have a license for the additional module "Online Booking System" you can define packages (see Create Package) to be bookable online. This means, they will be offered to the future guests that book online during the booking process along with the rentable units.

1. Open the rentable unit you want to edit by going to the Object Management, then going to the Rentable Units, then selecting the unit and pressing the  Edit button.

2. Select the list item Extras / Packages in the left list and then go to the Bookable Online area. This is where you can select the packages that will be booked along with the rentable unit online by checking the box that says "Bookable".

3. You can also decide, whether the package will be added automatically or whether the guest can choose to book it or not:

Adding a package Automatically is often useful for extras such as Food&Drink. If, for example, you always offer your units with a breakfast, you can create a package with the extra "breakfast" and then automatically add it to bookings made online.

If you select the Optional way, it will add another step to online bookings where the guest can book the package if they want to.

Note: If a package has been made an Inklusive item it is always added automatically and marked "Inclusive".

4. If you add optional packages to a Group, then the packages can only be selected as alternatives to each other (for example: a group called "board" can contain the packages "half-board" and "full-board", from which the guest can then select one). If you don't add the packages to a group, the guest can select all the packages they want.

5. After you are done editing the rentable unit, press Save. This will close the window for the Rentable Unit and the window for the Object Management will be shown again. In this window, your rentable unit is still selected and the information about it are shown in the right area of the window.