2011: 1.8 to 1.8.8

Release Notes 1.8.7 and 1.8.8 (10/20/2011)

[NEW] Additional cleaning status "Towel change" was added. This status, like the linen change, is dependent on the cleaning interval.

[NEW] Cleaning list: monthly and weekly lists added.

[NEW] Agent statistics extended: detailed list of all bookings for each agent.

[NEW] Packages can now be sorted into categories in the package management. These categories will be shown when adding new packages to a booking.

[NEW] Searching for vacancies in the reservation schedule can now be done by hitting enter as well.

[NEW] Print: Position and width of the address field can now be edited.

[NEW] Settings for using a server-independent proxy can now be set in the preferences for Lodgit Desk.

[NEW] Option for exporting lists as CSV or Excel files was added to several lists.

[NEW] Guests can now be exported as Excel files (in addition to existing CSV file option).

[CHANGED] Guest management: It's now possible to delete several highlighted guests from a group.

[CHANGED] The tax rate will also be shown for inclusive extra items and packages. The tax rates will be separated by semicolon and listed along with their rentable unit.

[CHANGED] When changing an invoice status to "paid", the date of payment can now be entered.

[CHANGED] Extended search within the archives (offers, confirmations, invoices).

[CHANGED] The sort order for rentable units when printing offers and confirmations can now be edited.

[FIXED] Daily cleaning list was sometimes incorrect.

[FIXED] Offers and confirmations were not automatically set to invalid whenever a new offer or confirmation was created.

[FIXED] Windows: Sometimes, seasonal prices for rentable units could not be added.

[FIXED] After deleting custom unit types, display errors occurred sometimes.

Release Notes 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 (08/19/2011)

[NEW] Several lists can now be exported as Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx).

[NEW] EPOS module "Standard (PROTEL compatible)": tax rates coming from the external EPOS system can now also be transferred into Lodgit Desk as percentage.

[CHANGED] Charts: Selection of some data for charts now in chart window.

[CHANGED] When printing lists, the date and time will be shown from now on.

[CHANGED] When creating a split invoice for deposits, the date listed under "received on" will automatically be set as the invoice date when the selected payment method is Cash or the time for payment is "0 days".

[CHANGED] Guest Management: In the guest history, the search time frame was reset to the current month whenever the data for a different guests were to be shown.

[FIXED] Offers and confirmations will now be shown as "invalid" again when new offers and confirmations for the same booking are created.

[FIXED] Group reservation handling within the reservation schedule works correctly again.

[FIXED] When deposits are only shown in the final invoice, such deposits were falsely deducted from the invoice total in the cashbook and invoice archives.

[FIXED] Calculating number of overnight stays was sometimes faulty.

[FIXED] Database access optimisation

[FIXED] Display error in "Financial" chart fixed.

Release Notes 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 (07/26/2011)

[NEW] Guest list, best for showing checked in guests.

[NEW] New interface for EPOS systems "Standard (PROTEL-compatible)" for EPOS systems using PROTEL protocol (e.g. Hypersoft).

[NEW] Occupancy rate of objects for a specified time frame is now shown in the left sidebar next to the reservation schedule.

[NEW] Several lists can now be shown in graphs.

[CHANGED] Invoices will now be set to status "paid" instantly if the time for payment is 0 days.

[CHANGED] You can now select None as default payment method.

[FIXED] EPOS systems: adjustment of SQL command for searching checked in guests

[FIXED] Optimised calculation for "Occupancy and Performance Indicators"

[FIXED] Schedule no longer jumps when the focus is on a different window.

[FIXED] Return confirmation date could not always be edited in offers and confirmations.

[FIXED] Searching for guests when using more than one key word

[FIXED] Program could sometimes not be quit if there were still entries with missing information in Price Management.

[FIXED] Evaluation of the extras list fixed.

[FIXED] Calculating the date for payment when creating an invoice fixed.

[FIXED] Cleaning list was empty when selecting current date.

[FIXED] Small bugs in the user interface fixed.

Release Notes 1.8.2 (06/23/2011)

[NEW] Format of guest's sender address on return confirmations can be set in the preferences.

[NEW] Registration form: arrival and departure date can be overwritten.

[NEW] When sending offers and confirmations, you can now decide, whether the currency abbreviation is always to be shown (Windows: recommended for emails)

[CHANGED] New layout for invoices. Existing invoices will not be affected.

[CHANGED] When listing companions of a main contact in guest management, main contact is now listed as well.

[FIXED] Guest's sender address is now printed on return confirmation.

[FIXED] Now correct return confirmation text on offers and confirmations.

[FIXED] Last used registration form type is now saved.

[FIXED] When creating a new guest profile from the booking window, the default country set in the preferences will be used.

Release Notes 1.8.1 (06/15/2011)

[FIXED] Problem when updating database from Lodgit Desk 1.7.2 to 1.8 fixed.

[FIXED] Smaller problems during synchronising with online modules fixed.

Release Notes 1.8 (06/14/2011)

[NEW] First release of the international version of Lodgit Desk (english)