2012: 1.9 bis 1.10.3

Release Notes 1.10.3 to 1.10.5 (12/12/2012)

[NEW] Channel Manager: Import of arriving guests listed in the online booking

[NEW] Channel Manager: Arriving guests are listed by their age (cultuzz) in the booking window under "Online Booking"

[NEW] Channel Manager: Imported bookings will receive the corresponding agent (cultuzz channel). If the agent (cultuzz channel) is not already in Lodgit Desk, it will be automatically added.

[FIXED] The problem of a phone number or email address being added multiple times to a guest profile when importing online bookings is now fixed.

Release Notes 1.10.2 (12/05/2012)

[FIXED] Channel Manager: Editing the base prices wasn't always possible.

[FIXED] Cashbook: The entries weren't sorted by date / time.

Release Notes 1.10.1 (12/04/2012)

[NEW] Interface for channel manager CultSwitch by Cultuzz. Allows sending availabilities, prices, minimum and maximum booking duration from Lodgit to the channel manager and importing booking from online channels into Lodgit.

[NEW] Lodgit Online Booking System: Minimum booking duration adjustable for each object separately; optional restrictions on arrival and departure weekdays.

[NEW] Agent commissions can now be calculated with "per unit/night".

[CHANGED] Lodgit Online Booking System: The preferences for the synchronisation can now be found under "Administration > Synchronization and Channel Manager".

[CHANGED] Statistics for accommodation and/or extras revenue with the price units "per month", "per month/piece", "per month/person", "per year", "per year/piece", "per year/person" are now calculated nightly.
Example: An entire month is now valid from the 1st until the 1st as opposed to the 1st until the last of that month.

[CHANGED] Reservation Schedule > Booking List: The column "Created On" now lists the time of day as well as the date.

[CHANGED] Expired License: Adding an existing booking to an existing group booking is now available.

[CHANGED] Height and width of the preferences window can now be adjusted.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: The number of vacant units of a certain category (in the side bar) is now calculated based on the selected objects.

[FIXED] Windows: You can now print out multiple copies of the reservation schedule in one go.

[FIXED] Preferences > Letter Layout: Sometimes, the text field flickered when the texts for header or footer were being edited.

[FIXED] Sometimes, bookings in the status "Cancelled Online Booking" could not be deleted via the menu bar or context menu.

[FIXED] Sometimes, the main contact wasn't added to the guest list of an online booking automatically.

[FIXED] Accounting Export: Split invoices for deposits were not correctly marked as "exported" after they were exported.

Release Notes 1.9.15 to 1.9.16 (08/29/2012)

[NEW] Booking window: It is now possible to split and merge price time frames of any booking via the Actions menu. Prices for different time frames can also be edited individually for a more flexible price management.

[FIXED] Great performance improvements for the display of a large number of bookings.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: When searching for vacant units, the time frame was highlighted with another day attached.

[FIXED] Fixed display error in the payment window for archives.

Release Notes 1.9.14 (08/14/2012)

[FIXED] Fixed a display error in the charts.

[FIXED] Added proxy support for SOAP(wsdl).

[FIXED] Object Management: added check for minimum and maximum number of beds.

[FIXED] When moving a booking in the reservation schedule, the time frames weren't always adjusted correctly.

Release Notes 1.9.10 and 1.9.13 (07/16/2012)

[NEW] Reservation schedule: A room can now also be set to the status "currently being cleaned".

[NEW] Added registration form for Italy.

[FIXED] Error in 1.9.9: When creating a cashbook balance, the carryover was saved incorrectly. Unfortunately, correcting this must be done manually. Please undo all cash balances you've made since the last update within the cashbook archives.

[FIXED] On rare occasions, a negative value was shown in the analysis for performance indicators and occupancy.

[FIXED] When manually adding cashbook entries, the entries weren't shown immediately.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: Creating group bookings and selecting overbookings via the context menu is now available again.

[FIXED] The statistics for "Financials" were sometimes not opened correctly.

Release Notes 1.9.9 (06/21/2012)

[NEW] Flat fee packages: The total price of the package is listed next to the package name.

[NEW] Vacancy list: Added new list "Number of Guests" that lists all arriving, departing and in-house guests.

[NEW] For invoices with the status "open" the payment method can now be edited.

[NEW] Cash invoices can now be reset to the status "open".

[NEW] Selected dunning notices can now be printed as PDF files or sent directly as an email with PDF attachment.

[NEW] Reservation schedule: Bookings can now be tagged a certain color to show e.g. a VIP booking.

[CHANGED] Layout changes in offer, confirmation and invoice windows for printing out additional information.

[CHANGED] Cleaning list > daily lists: New option to also show cleaned units or those that don't need to be cleaned according to the interval.

[CHANGED] Different lists: Added booking number.

[CHANGED] The status of duplicated bookings can now be preset to a certain status or the status of the original booking.

[CHANGED] New columns added for guest import.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Create letter: Sending correspondence as emails via SMTP wasn't possible.

[FIXED] When duplicating a booking of a group, the new booking was incorrectly added to the group as well.

[FIXED] Lodging list: The data of the chart sometimes didn't match up with the data in the table.

Release Notes 1.9.7 and 1.9.8 (05/22/2012)

[NEW] The status of invoices can now also be reset from "Paid" to "Open". This is only available until the invoice is cancelled or its data is exported via the Accounting Export.

[CHANGED] Users can now change the name of an agent even if that agent has already been added to a booking.

[CHANGED] The title of the packages will now automatically be adjusted when changing the correspondence language. This is not available for packages that were added before this update and packages whose original was deleted from the Package Management.

[FIXED] Sometimes there were rounding errors when deducting the guest discount from the lodging price.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Create Letter: Upon closing the print preview, the letter window was closed as well.

[FIXED] After creating and later printing a PDF file, the logos were sometimes not printed correctly.

[FIXED] Sometimes, the text in the letter head was not printed correctly.

[FIXED] When printing an offer or a confirmation, the top margin of the return confirmation was sometimes not calculated correctly.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Create Letter: The option to send emails via SMTP was not working.

Release Notes 1.9.4 to 1.9.6 (04/25/2012)

[CHANGED] Booking window: Interface for adding a main contact was changed.

[CHANGED] Option for locking down a booking so that unit and time frame cannot accidentally be changed was added.

[CHANGED] Object Management: When adding a new unit, the number of beds cannot be 0.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: When creating an invoice and then changing the booking status, the accommodation was sometimes declared as yet to be billed.

[FIXED] When using the database server, the GASTWARE file was sometimes not generated successfully.

[FIXED] Booking window: Sometimes, when changing a booking time frame, the extra item's time frame was not changed accordingly.

[FIXED] New bookings were sometimes not visible in the reservation schedule right away.

[FIXED] When printing any kind of correspondence, sometimes a blank page was printed.

Release Notes 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 (04/04/2012)

[NEW] Invoices / Cancellation credits: The invoice number can now be included into the opening and finishing paragraphs via a placeholder.

[CHANGED] Reservation schedule: Better performance when scrolling.

[CHANGED] Financials: Cancellation credits that resulted from an unpaid invoice will now always be shown.

[FIXED] Windows: In certain situations it was not possible to edit data in the Guest Management.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: When moving and then extending or reducing a booking's time frame, the time frame for the price was not always adjusted correctly.

[FIXED] Windows: It was not always possible to select a city in the Guest Management.

[FIXED] When linking a booking to a unit, the lock symbol was not instantly visible in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] Guest Management > Import: Some preferences were not saved.

[FIXED] The option of sending emails with PDF attachments via Outlook has been integrated (Mac).

[FIXED] Creating invoices with deposits was sometimes not possible.

[FIXED] The sender address was not shown on the return confirmations.

Release Notes 1.9 (03/27/2012)

[NEW] Lodgit Desk can now be used as a multiple-user version with the database server cubeSQL

[NEW] Export of invoice data and cashbook entries into CSV files for import in accounting programs

[NEW] Integration of a 4-level dunning system

[NEW] List of unpaid invoices with respective dunning levels

[NEW] Guest Management: List of all dunning notices sent to a guest. Paid dunning fees are also listed.

[NEW] Export or archive lists as CSV and Excel files

[NEW] The subject text of emails can now be edited permanently within the Text Management.

[NEW] Non-printable area is shown in print preview

[NEW] Offers and confirmations: The offer/confirmation number can be added to the first and finishing paragraphs via a placeholder.

[NEW] Settings for sending emails: User can now decide whether the date, sender address and recipient’s address should be added automatically.

[NEW] Cancellation credits now have their own tab within the archives

[NEW] Cancellation credits now have the added status options “paid” and “unpaid” (like invoices.

[NEW] Zip code and state database now integrated in the Guest Management (must be downloaded before it can be used: "Administration > Additional Modules > Install Zip Code Database")

[NEW] New price units “per month”, “per month/person”, “per year” and “per year/person” integrated for accommodations and extras

[NEW] New price units “flat fee” and “flat fee/person” integrated for accommodations

[NEW] Offers, confirmations, invoices and letters can now be generated as PDF files from within Lodgit Desk (no need for external software)

[NEW] Sending emails: When creating offers, confirmations and invoices, the user has the additional option to send them as emails with a PDF attachment.

[NEW] Statistics - Occupancy and Performance Indicators: Within the Object Management, user can now decide when a unit is occupied 100%.

[NEW] Text formatting profiles for CSV export can now be saved as presets.

[CHANGED] There are now 3 options for booking labels in the reservation schedule: “Name of main contact”, “names of arriving guests” and “specified text”.

[CHANGED] When changing an invoices status to “paid”, paid dunning fees can now be entered.

[CHANGED] In emails for offers and confirmations, the number of guests is now always shown in the form of “for x guests”.

[CHANGED] Double-click on an entry in the check in and check out lists to open the bookings.

[CHANGED] The chart for the extras list will now show the amount of the selected extra item/service.

[CHANGED] Before creating offer and confirmation emails, the user can now edit the email text within Lodgit Desk.

[CHANGED] Added profile selection for CSV settings

[CHANGED] Agent commissions list: User can now select one extra item / category for calculation of commission.

[CHANGED] Backup: The option “daily at x o’clock” was replaced by the new option “every x hours”.

[CHANGED] Backup: The option of overwriting the last created backup file has been removed.

[CHANGED] Reservation schedule: User can now turn off showing the occupancy rate and number of vacant unit categories in the sidebar.

[FIXED] Resizing of pie chart optimised

[FIXED] Selection of pie chart option “accentuate smallest” did not load

[FIXED] Excel class will filter non-printable characters

[FIXED] Synchronization: Deleted objects with missing information (e.g. time zone) no longer matter.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule: Occupancy information are now updated immediately when changes are made within the schedule.