2013: 1.10.6 to 1.12.3

Release Notes 1.12.3 (12/03/2013)

[NEW] Added new general registration form in German.

[NEW] Added additional module "Review Portals". Interface to review portal "ReviewExpress" by Tripadvisor implemented.

[NEW] Booking window: User can now bundle extras and packages into new packages as well as dissolve existing packages

[NEW] EPOS System "Standard (PROTEL)": Imported extras can now be bundled into a package.

[NEW] Extras Management: Added import function for CSV files.

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: When importing prices from the Price Management, default occupancy and price unit are now being ignored.

[CHANGED] Financials: When a rentable unit is moved into a new object, its revenue up until the time of the move is still listed with the old object (although it's highlighted) and its new revenue will be listed with the new object.

[FIXED] In very rare cases the prices from the Price Management weren't correctly imported into a new booking

[FIXED] When printing / exporting the financials there were incorrect list titles in some cases

[FIXED] EPOS Systems > PROTEL: In very rare cases, the allocation of tax rates wasn't always possible.

Release Notes 1.12.2 (09/26/2013)

[FIXED] Accounting Export: Deposit payment without split invoices resulted in an incorrect amount for the payment of the final invoice being listed in the accounting export.

[FIXED] Online Modules: During the synchronisation with the channel manager, deleted objects will no longer be taken into account.

[FIXED] Database Server: In some rare cases the non-availability of the virtual server cubeSQL caused Lodgit Desk to quit unexpectedly.

Release Notes 1.12.1 (08/26/2013)

[NEW] Preferences: User can now create custom payment methods.

[NEW] Financials: Analysis now includes custom payment methods.

[NEW] Accounting Export: Settings of account numbers for custom payment methods.

[CHANGED] Invoicing: During the creation of an invoice, user can now set a paid on date.

[CHANGED] Financials: Search can now be filtered by invoice date or paid on date.

[FIXED] Financials: In rare cases the charts couldn't be created.

[FIXED] The default occupancy for a new booking is now set to maximum occupancy again, as long as no other settings were defined in the Object Management.

Release Notes 1.12 (08/08/2013)

[NEW] Interface to the Electronic Registration System

[NEW] You can now also search the Financials by "paid on" date.

[NEW] Chart for analysis "by rentable unit" in the Financials added.

[NEW] You can now define the default occupancy for new bookings in a unit (default setting: minimum occupancy).

[NEW] When splitting a price time frame in the booking window you can now add a description.

[NEW] When creating a simple registration form you can now define up to which age the guests are considered "children".

[NEW] Visual warning in case of locked or malformed database was added.

[CHANGED] Offer window: The setting "open-ended" for the validity date will now be remembered and automatically selected during the next creation of an offer.

[CHANGED] Text Management: The amount descriptions (Total, Sub-Total) on invoices and invoice cancellations can now be defined separately, depending on whether or not a deposit is being included on the invoice.

[FIXED] In rare cases, the booking times were not listed in offer emails.

[FIXED] Object Management: In rare cases it was not possible to add a new rentable unit.

Release Notes 1.11.1 to 1.11.4 (05/14/2013)

[NEW] Synchronisation settings for Online-Systems: User can now setup time frames during which rentable units may not be booked online regardless of existing bookings in the system during that time.

[NEW] List of deposits for showing all deposits in the system (settled or not).

[NEW] New analysis option in the financials to show revenue by rentable unit.

[NEW] New default options and settings for deposits (terms for due dates, default amount in percent, calculation from all bookings within a group).

[NEW] Cleaning list: now shows the number of towels and linens needed in the daily cleaning list.

[NEW] Quick search module option for the "Online Booking System".

[NEW] Implemented new payment method "Cash Deposit" for deposits without deposit invoices. This replaces the payment method "Cash". Such deposits will not be listed in the cashbook.

[NEW] Resetting the window preferences now also resets the column widths in the lists.

[NEW] When creating an invoice, the user can now also enter a specific date for the due date.

[NEW] Channel Manager DIRS21: More booking data will now be imported.

[CHANGED] The modules "Online Booking System" and "Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking" merged into the module "Online-Systems".

[CHANGED] Accounting export: will now also list deposits if option "only show in final invoice" is selected.

[CHANGED] Better performance for databases with a large amount of data

[CHANGED] The Guest Management will now list all guests whose birthdays fall into the time frame selected in the Preferences > Birthday reminders area.

[CHANGED] Text Management: The list of rentable units will now be organised divided by their objects.

[FIXED] Windows for Offers / Confirmations / Invoices: In rare cases the drop down menu for print options wasn't displayed correctly.

[FIXED] Sorting of deposits in booking window

[FIXED] In rare cases there were random items added to an invoice whenever only a deposit was listed on it.

[FIXED] Lodging List > Charts: In rare cases there were discrepancies between the numbers in the chart and those in the list.

[FIXED] Financials: Deposits with deposit invoices were sometimes listed with an incorrect payment method

[FIXED] Extra items that are linked to the booking duration will now be adjusted accordingly whenever the booking's arrival or departure dates are changed.

[FIXED] The cash book can now be balanced again.

Release Notes 1.10.8 to 1.10.9 (02/05/2013)

[NEW] Interface for channel manager DIRS21. Allows sending availabilities, prices and minimum booking duration to the channel manager and importing bookings from online channels into Lodgit.

[CHANGED] Changes made to the price units "per month" and "per year". A year or month is now counted until the corresponding date of the following month or year (e.g. 15th to 15th or Jan 6th to Jan 6th).

[CHANGED] Graphical interface of the Text Management was optimised.

[CHANGED] In preparation for the integration of deposits without separate invoices into the financial export, it is no longer possible to select the payment method "Cash" for such deposits.

[FIXED] In very rare cases, the synchronisation with the channel manager wasn't possible.

[FIXED] Graphical errors that existed when making the Guest Management window larger or smaller in Windows were fixed.

Release Notes 1.10.6 to 1.10.7 (01/23/2013)

[NEW] Invoice window: Printing out the name of the contact person in a company guest file can now be suppressed.

[NEW] Invoice window: Can now select whether the general salutation is to be used for company guest files.

[NEW] Guest list: Added the option to print out phone number and/or email address separately from each other.

[NEW] Texts: Placeholders [FIRSTNAME] and [LASTNAME] can now be used.

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: Entering of pricing info was changed.

[CHANGED] Guest management: Initial search time frame of the guest history was changed to "All".

[CHANGED] When the invoice window is opened, the language selected automatically is that of the main booking.

[CHANGED] When creating correspondence, the country name in the address is now listed in English or German depending on the language preference set with the recipient.

[FIXED] In some cases, bookings that were moved into another unit using the booking window were not instantly shown in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] Financials: Manually added cashbook entries were seen as invoices.

[FIXED] Booking window: Optimisation for Windows in the calendar element for adjusting the booking time frame.

[FIXED] During the synchronisation, some unused rentable objects were sent.

[FIXED] Sidebar: Changes to the occupancy rate and availabilities are now loaded correctly again.

[FIXED] Deleting entries from the booking list is now possible again.

[FIXED] When creating confirmations, the placeholder [CURRENCY] was not always substituted.

[FIXED] When creating an offer, the booking(s) weren't always set correctly from the status "Tentative" to "Confirmed".