2014: 1.12.4 to 1.13.6

Release Notes 1.13.6 (12/22/2014)

[NEW] Towel and linen change interval can now be set independently from the cleaning interval.

[CHANGED] In the overviews of the Check-In and Check-Out lists, booking notes will no longer display line breaks. When printed, the lines will be shown.

[FIXED] In rare cases, an invoice could not be created.

[FIXED] Importing guest data from a CSV file wasn't possible.

[FIXED] In some cases when using the database server, changes made weren't immediately visible on other Lodgit installations.

Release Notes 1.13.5 (12/15/2014)

[NEW] Date can be changed when creating letters

[NEW] Placeholders for guest name, check-in and check-out dates available in the subject line of e-mails for offers, confirmations and invoices

[NEW] Guest history can be printed

[NEW] List of open invoices can be printed

[NEW] Added "P.O. box" field to contact details in guest management

[FIXED] Windows: A wrong time was set when saving invoices with the current date as invoice date.

[FIXED] When exporting lists the created Excel files were corrupt in rare cases.

Release Notes 1.13.4 (12/09/2014)

[NEW] When starting up Lodgit Desk or changing the database a database integrity check will be performed

[NEW] Chronological filtering options for the booking list

[NEW] CityTax: Can now be set up and added to a booking either as a percentage or a fixed value.

[NEW] Guest import end -export: Creation date of a contact can be imported and exported as well

[CHANGED] Changed generation and displaying of charts

[CHANGED] Texts in the lodging- and extras lists

[CHANGED] Automatic incrementing of the short description numbering when creating a rentable unit

[CHANGED] When switching from the local to a server database synchronisation for the local db will be switched off

[CHANGED] Additional text infos concerning certain place holders in the address format.

[CHANGED] Additional text infos in the backup settings and for various help buttons.

[CHANGED] Connection between Lodgit and the channel managers now using TLS

[CHANGED] When changing the VAT rate for a time frame in the booking details window other time frames will be attributed the same VAT rate as well.

[FIXED] Occasionally it was impossible to print the check in list.

[FIXED] On very rare occasions there was a problem printing correspondence on Mac OS X that was originally created on Windows

[FIXED] The same internal correspondence reference number was occasionally assigned multiple times

[FIXED] Paid-on date was not always properly stored for deposits with invoices.

[FIXED] In very rare cases an extra item added to a booking was not displayed in the booking window

[FIXED] A multi-object system could not be attributed to a channel manager when the channel manager was activated for one of the single objects before.

[FIXED] Online-bookings: Payment method Heidelpay was not mapped correctly for deposits

[FIXED] In the window for saving a letter template the "name" field was black.

[FIXED] Performance indicator changed to net

[FIXED] Printing the booking export has the headline "Agent statistics"

[FIXED] Wrong translation in "Allgemeiner Meldeschein 2" (EN)

[FIXED] VAT of extras was wrongly transmitted as integer when synchronising.

[FIXED] Error with dunnings of invoices of deleted guests.

[FIXED] In very rare cases the box to enter the date was not initialised properly in the bookkeeping export.

[FIXED] When printing statistics the page number wasn't always set correctly

Release Notes 1.13.2 (06/04/2014)

[FIXED] The time frames of stays were not correctly displayed in invoices of group bookings.

[FIXED] Windows: Modifications of the error correcting of check-in and check-out dates in the case of a check out date being before the check in date

[FIXED] Filtering out of ASCII control characters when synchronising the database

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances using the CubeSQL database server caused Lodgit Desk to freeze

Release Notes 1.13.1 (05/27/2014)

[NEW] Accounting export window now allows the usage of the tax ID instead of the tax rate

[NEW] Added interface for channel manager "MappingMaster"

[NEW] Added possibility to combine multiple objects into one multi-object system for the additional modules "Lodgit Online Systems" and "Interface: Channel Manager".

[NEW] Identical extra items (without an allocation to a package and without the "inclusive" status) can now be combined when creating offers, confirmations and invoices.

[NEW] Implemented new designs for offers, confirmations and invoices.

[NEW] Implemented a letter layout selector when creating offers, confirmations and invoices as well as for the dunning run

[NEW] Added possibility to re-select the letter layout when printing offers, confirmations and invoice anew from the archives.

[NEW] Implemented printing of return confirmations for existing offers and confirmations

[NEW] List of unpaid invoices: Display outstanding amounts according to dunning level.

[NEW] Display of the 'created on' date of a deposit in the deposits list.

[NEW] Dunning run: Taking into account already completed deposit payments for invoices without a separate deposit invoice.

[NEW] Extension of the search function in the agent statistics enabling to filter bookings either according to check-in or check-out date.

[CHANGED] Create invoice window: Simplified display of missing deposit information.

[CHANGED] Adjusted the interface for the electronic registration form system "JetWeb Feratel v5"

[CHANGED] Activated the feature "E-mail with PDF attachment" in the archives for offers, confirmations, invoices and cancellation credit letters which have only been printed or immediately saved without printing.

[CHANGED] Improved the layout of the "create offer" and "create confirmation" window

[CHANGED] Archives + Guest management history: Modifications in the context menu

[FIXED] Occupation list: Corrected the calculation of vacant time frames

[FIXED] On very rare occasions creating a letter in the guest management was not possible

[FIXED] On very rare occasions changing the letter layout in preferences was not possible

[FIXED] On very rare occasions labels of imported only bookings were not properly displayed in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] On some occasions connectivity issues occurred when using a non-system-proxy.

Release Notes 1.12.6 (03/31/2014)

[NEW] Added review system "Customer Alliance".

[NEW] Added new analysis in "Financials".

[NEW] Online Bookings: Data about credit cards, wire transfer and debit can now be deleted in Lodgit Desk.

[NEW] Guest List: In addition to the booking number, the group number can now be displayed.

[CHANGED] Invoice Window: Improved handling and displaying of missing deposit payment information

[FIXED] Labels of imported online bookings were occasionally not properly displayed in the reservation schedule

[FIXED] The automatic update from within Lodgit Desk was sometimes not possible.

[FIXED] Updating license information was sometimes not possible.

Release Notes 1.12.5 (02/25/2014)

[NEW] Booking List: New filter option "Invoices - Not Yet Paid" added.

[NEW] Guest Management > Individual Address Format: Preview of the address can now be copied through CTRL+C (Windows) or CMD+C (Mac).

[FIXED] Fixed a bug that deleted new or duplicated pricing definitions whenever old pricing definitions were deleted.

[FIXED] Creating a new booking caused an internal error in rare cases.

[FIXED] In some cases, creating invoices as Email with a PDF caused the accommodation to not be listed as invoiced.

Release Notes 1.12.4 (02/17/2014)

[NEW] Added "Hotel-Spider" as new channel manager.

[NEW] When creating a cashbook balance, the user can now set a specific date.

[NEW] Added "JetWeb Feratel" as new electronic registration system.

[NEW] Guest Management: Software now allows more settings for importing guests from CSV file.

[NEW] Reservation Schedule > Bookings: A new label option was added, so individual text can be combined with names of main contact and/or arriving guests.

[NEW] Financials: Financials can now also be displayed for a single unit.

[FIXED] In very rare cases, booking notes were not saved correctly.

[FIXED] Booking window: In rare cases, the wrong departure date was set when price time frames were split.

[FIXED] EPOS interface: In rare cases, the files could not be opened or written.

[FIXED] Deposit list: Under specific circumstances, the selection for the dates wasn't initialised correctly.

[FIXED] Financials: Under specific circumstances, the analysis area "by rentable unit" caused an internal error.