2015: 1.13.7 to 1.15.5

Release Notes 1.15.5 (12/16/2015)

[FIXED] Changing the price unit for the accommodation in the booking window was no longer working.

Release Notes 1.15.4 (12/15/2015)

[CHANGED] Guest Management > Guest Profile: When adding a new entry under "Additional info", the option for "travel document" will be selected first

[CHANGED] The Maximise button is now active for all resizable windows

[FIXED] Button for printing electronic registration forms wasn't active

[FIXED] When doing a dunning run, the texts were sometimes not loaded correctly from the Text Management.

[FIXED] When adding an extra item to a booking that didn't have a price unit, Lodgit produced an internal error

[FIXED] In rare cases, synchronisation caused an internal error

[FIXED] Imported online booking didn't always show the correct end total in the booking window statistics until the booking was edited.

[FIXED] When combining extras and/or packages to a new package in the booking window, the new package had a strange name.

Release Notes 1.15.2 and 1.15.3 (12/10/2015)

[CHANGED] Options "Always show all units" and "non-affected bookings" in the Cleaning List for the current day improved

[CHANGED] Display of tax rate in the list of extras/packages in the booking window

[CHANGED] Warning whenever the departure date of a checked out booking is in the future

[FIXED] When combining price time frames, the time frames weren't deleted correctly.

[FIXED] Warning that changes were made by a third party showed up incorrectly

[FIXED] Deleting and editing extras/packages was sometimes not possible

[FIXED] Display error when printing the daily cleaning list

[FIXED] Booking with today's arrival date could not be set to "Checked In" in the booking window

[FIXED] Display error in the window for sending tickets

Release Notes 1.15.1 (12/09/2015)

[NEW] Complete overhaul of the booking window

[NEW] Amounts displayed in first view of the booking window

[NEW] The booking window now contains an Overview page

[NEW] Whether a booking is an "overbooking" will now be displayed within the booking window. When changing the date range or rentable unit, the overbooking status will be recalculated

[NEW] Locking a booking can now be done separately for the date range and the rentable unit.

[NEW] Flexible date range for the Deposit List

[CHANGED] Online bookings without a unit will now have a fixed date range (no fixed unit)

[CHANGED] Draft invoices will be better marked as such

[FIXED] When creating a PDF on a Windows system, the PDF was sometimes not created whenever the location or name of the file was changed

[FIXED] Booking weren't always unlocked properly on the server modus after the user was finished editing them

[FIXED] When printing/creating offers/confirmations/invoices containing city tax, there sometimes was an internal error

[FIXED] Display error in the side bar whenever the sidebar was hidden and the window preferences were reset

[FIXED] The extras option to adjust the number of people whenever the booking was changed wasn't used properly

Release Notes 1.14.17 (11/06/2015)

[CHANGED] Group Bookings: If a main contact is listed in several bookings as a guest, the "Is A Guest" tag will be added to each booking.

[FIXED] Duplicating/Splitting a booking with city tax was not possible.

[FIXED] When opening the Financials, the analysis wasn't shown in some cases.

[FIXED] In some cases, the Guest History of the Bookings was empty, even if the guest was listed in a booking.

[FIXED] Performance Indicator Chart: When selecting a year, the chart showed one too many months.

[FIXED] In some cases, generating a PDF file caused an internal error

[FIXED] When opening/closing a booking window, there's now a check for whether the booking could be found.

Release Notes 1.14.16 (11/02/2015)

[NEW] The number of units added into the database is now listed in the Software Activation dialogue.

[FIXED] When opening the menu "Bookings", an internal error occurred

Release Notes 1.14.15 (10/29/2015)

[NEW] You can now create a support ticket from within Lodgit Desk

[CHANGED] Electronic Registration System: The settings are now in the Preferences and the lists under Lists

[CHANGED] Overbookings are now displayed better in the context menu of the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] Automatic search in the lists now require a full 4-digit year date

[CHANGED] Pre-set payment methods can now be deactivated

[CHANGED] Invoices without payment method: If an invoice was accidentally created without a payment method, it will now be shown in the Financial Reports. Those invoices cannot be cancelled or set to "paid".

[CHANGED] Better overview over the license in the Software Activation Window

[CHANGED] Selection for details in the cleaning list now easier

[CHANGED] Cleaning: A cleaning interval depending on weekdays as well as "on arrival and final cleaning" added

[CHANGED] Texts: Texts for the City Tax is displayed easier

[CHANGED] Space between email text and email signature was reduced to one line

[CHANGED] Names of rentable units are now displayed only up to 40 characters in the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] When printing a weekly cleaning list, the dates are now displayed above the weekdays

[FIXED] The license allotments weren't interpreted properly.

[FIXED] The link to an offer/confirmation wasn't always set correctly in the booking

[FIXED] Expired offers weren't always displayed "faded out"

[FIXED] Sums in the List of Outstanding Invoices are now updated automatically as soon as changes are made to an invoice

[FIXED] When a booking was moved to another unit, the occupancy rate and list of vacant units in the sidebar wasn't always updated

[FIXED] In very rare cases, a guest of an online booking wasn't set correctly

[FIXED] Automatic sending of data to review portals wasn't working

[FIXED] In the cashbook archives, cancellations with deposits (without deposit invoices) weren't always displayed correctly

[FIXED] In the Financials, deposits without invoices were shown, even if the box "invoices" wasn't checked

[FIXED] The DATEV financial export led to an internal error in the event that there was an invoice with city tax

[FIXED] In very rare cases, when deactivating the city tax, it wasn't displayed correctly in future bookings.

[FIXED] In the assistant for Price Management, the prices weren't always hidden correctly when unchecked

Release Notes 1.14.13 and 1.14.14 (09/24/2015)

[NEW] New registration form: "Germany"

[NEW] New template for offers/confirmations: Displaying the items without adding them up or displaying the total value

[CHANGED] On offers/confirmations/invoices using the net price template the price of each single item can now be displayed with up to six fractional digits preventing unintended rounding errors

[CHANGED] When creating a new electronic registration form the last editor will be preselected if possible

[CHANGED] When creating e-mails with PDF attachments the MacType, MimeType and MacCreator of the attachment will now be specified.

[FIXED] Invoices with net price template used the gross value of extra items

[FIXED] Offer-, confirmation-, and invoice number as well as bookings notes will be displayed again in the tooltips in the reservation schedule

[FIXED] Umlauts will now be displayed correctly in the subject lines of e-mails sent via SMTP

[FIXED] When drawing new bookings into the reservation schedule, they weren't always immediately visible.

Release Notes 1.14.12 (09/14/2015)

[NEW] Protection against accidentally changing bookings in the reservation schedule: Moving, extending or deleting bookings in the schedule can be deactivated for some or all booking statuses.

[NEW] Possibility to define an additional currency with the respective exchange rate which can be printed on offers, confirmations and invoices additionally to the main currency.

[NEW] Users of the "Interface: Review Portals" can now use the new review portal "iiQ-Check"

[NEW] Now displaying the date of birth when creating the electronic registration form

[NEW] Booking list: New filter for online bookings not assigned to a rentable unit

[NEW] New design templates for invoices and cancellation credits

[CHANGED] Fixed bookings can no longer be deleted

[CHANGED] Improved deleting of bookings using the delete key.

[CHANGED] Possibility to select the sender in the dunning run

[CHANGED] Removed color setting for the booking status "Overbooking"

[CHANGED] Simplified selecting a design when creating offers, confirmations, invoices and cancellation credits.

[CHANGED] Moving bookings with pressed down Shift/CMD-key is now no longer possible

[CHANGED] Replaced the help function on Windows with a PDF file

[FIXED] Texts for the dunning run were not saved correctly

[FIXED] Missing column spacing in the detail view of the Agent Statistics

[FIXED] When duplicating or splitting a booking some information was not properly sent to the channel manager

[FIXED] Automatic deleting of outdated backups

[FIXED] Reworked the compilation of data for CustomerAlliance

[FIXED] Reworked the interpretation of error messages from CustomerAlliance.

[FIXED] Internal error occurred when opening the settings window for electronic registration forms

[FIXED] Non identifiable errors produced an empty error window during sync

[FIXED] Sending E-Mails: Displaying the error messages for MAPI-errors lead to an internal error

[FIXED] Channel manager: Removing the mapping of extras/packages was not possible

[FIXED] Internal error on Windows 10 when opening the settings for objects and rentable units

[FIXED] The license status was not correctly checked when opening the settings window for the electronic registration forms

[FIXED] In very rare cases rounding errors occurred when calculating the lodging price with pricing units "per week", "per week/person". Internally they were always rounded to two decimal places. Warning: Offers, confirmations and invoices that have already been created will not be subsequently corrected.

[FIXED] In very rare cases the room names were not displayed properly in the reservation schedule

[FIXED] Inclusive items were not properly considered on deposit invoices when they had already been invoiced.

[FIXED] Internal error when deleting guests in the booking window using shortcuts

[FIXED] Reactivated automatic allocation of packages when moving bookings in the tentative status

Release Notes 1.14.10 - 1.14.11 (06/16/2015)

[CHANGED] Financial Export for DATEV Pro now only exports the BU keys for manual cash expenses.

[FIXED] Deleting the main booking of a group caused an internal error.

[FIXED] When deleting the main booking of a group, a new main booking wasn't always elected.

[FIXED] Guest History: Bookings from previous years weren't displayed if the guest was only main contact of a booking but wasn't listed as arriving guest.

[FIXED] Mac OS X 10.7 and Windows Vista couldn't synchronise properly.

Release Notes 1.14.7 - 1.14.9 (09/06/2015)

[NEW] Statistics for City Tax

[FIXED] In some cases, overbookings weren't correctly displayed in the filtered booking list.

[FIXED] Removing a booking from a group caused an error message in rare cases.

[FIXED] Booking Assistant: When creating a group booking, the main contact wasn't listed as arriving guest in the booking.

[FIXED] The booking list was always displayed during software launch, even if it had been hidden on the last use.

[FIXED] Interface Review Portals: The connection to CustomerAlliance is now working again.

[FIXED] Guest History: Bookings from previous and following years are now displayed correctly.

[FIXED] When searching for vacant units in the reservation schedule, the highlighted area was a day too long.

[FIXED] Deleting a booking without a main contact caused an error

[FIXED] No bookings were displayed in the daily overview of the cleaning list

[FIXED] The towel change was not displayed properly in the weekly/monthly overview of the cleaning list

Release Notes 1.14.5 and 1.14.6 (20/05/2015)

[NEW] Financial Export now offer DATEV-compatible export

[NEW] New placeholder for the validity date of an offer with return confirmation available in the Text Management.

[NEW] In the Agent Statistics (Details) will now show the number of guests in each booking.

[NEW] When creating offers and confirmations, users can now decide to immediately lock a booking after creation.

[CHANGED] Electronic Registration System Ferate: Now sends type of guests for each guest

[CHANGED] EPOS systems interface: File for checked-in guests can optionally be ended with a carriage return

[CHANGED] EPOS systems interface: File for checked-in guests will now be updated as soon as a booking status is changed to or from "Checked In", the tme frame, main contact or arriving guests of a checked in booking are changed.

[CHANGED] Arrival and departure time fields now save times better.

[CHANGED] Changed a few error and warning texts in windows and error messages.

[CHANGED] Upon first installation of Lodgit Desk, the database will be initialised faster

[CHANGED] When creating a deposit invoice, only the deposits will now be selected in the invoice window.

[CHANGED] Bookings that came in through the channel manager and couldn't be entered directly into the reservation schedule will now show the channel object ID and/or channel object name, if possible.

[CHANGED] Invoice window: Selecting numbering circles and cancelled invoice numbers is now more intuitive

[CHANGED] For group bookings you can now create any correspondence according to the status of the main booking and the booking you've opened.

[CHANGED] When an online booking comes in that cannot be immediately drawn into the reservation schedule, it will not be automatically locked (not matter the preferences).

[FIXED] Rounding process for the tax amounts was adjusted to prevent errors for large invoices with many small items.

[FIXED] Reservation schedule can now be smoothly pulled to the left and right again.

[FIXED] When printing the Financial Reports, the footer wasn't printed on pages 2 and further

[FIXED] In very rare cases, the update process of the database ended with an error message.

[FIXED] When using a cancelled invoice number, the last number of the numbering circle was sometimes counted upwards.

[FIXED] When a group booking was dissolved, sometimes the main contact of other bookings was removed.

[FIXED] Display error in the window "Synchronization and Online Modules" fixed

[FIXED] Windows: When exporting the lists or guest files into Excel files, special characters in the file names were sometimes not displayed correctly.

[FIXED] Synchronization failed with an error message when the booking list contained online bookings not assigned to a rentable unit

Release Notes 1.14.4 (03/25/2015)

[NEW] You can now define for each computer whether or not they're processing the automatic synchronisation with the online modules. We recommend synchronising automatically only with computers that have a stable internet connection.

[NEW] Time of the last successful synchronisation now displayed unter "Synchronization and Online Modules"

[CHANGED] Maximum image dimensions for letter head is now 1400x2000px.

[CHANGED] Smallest synchronisation interval is now 10 minutes.

[CHANGED] If bookings with the status "Booked", "Checked In" and "Checked Out" belong to a group whose main booking has a lower status, you can now create an invoice for the group regardless.

[FIXED] Error when cancelling invoices if the cancellation was only saved as a PDF document.

[FIXED] When creating bookings via the Booking Assistant, the booking label wasn't immediately displayed.

[FIXED] In the booking window under "Label/Tag", the selection for the booking label wasn't saved correctly.

[FIXED] In very rare cases bookings were imported into the reservation schedule twice.

[FIXED] The error message for a failed synchronisation process was displayed multiple times.

[FIXED] During the first initialisation of Lodgit Desk the values in the Preferences window weren't set correctly.

[FIXED] MacOS X: Help menu item wasn't visible.

Release Notes 1.14.3 (03/17/2015)

[CHANGED] fundamental improvements of e-mail delivery via SMTP (Windows, MacOSX) and MAPI (Windows)

[CHANGED] The booking number is now shown in the group section of the booking window as well as in the booking list (below the reservation schedule)

[CHANGED] Changed the hotspot of the pen- and hand cursors in the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] Letter layouts: Limited the maximum image size (in pixels) of the header/logo graphic

Release Notes 1.14.2 (09/03/2015)

[NEW] Assistant for adding category and unit prices

[NEW] Online bookings can now be automatically fixed as soon as they're imported.

[CHANGED] Reservation Schedule: font size of unit names bigger

[CHANGED] Price units of extra items: Unit "per night" is now "per night (Qty from date)"; only "per night" will be printed out. The same happens for the units "per day", "per week", "per month" and "per year".

[FIXED] In some cases using the database server was quite slow.

[FIXED] Window when quitting the software (Create backup yes/no) can no longer be put into the background.

Release Notes 1.14.1 (03/02/2015)

[NEW] Mac OS X: Move from Carbon to Cocoa; supports now only for OS X 10.7 and newer

[NEW] Emails can now be sent with an encryption (tls/ssl).

[NEW] Unit category is now listed (in short) in the title bar of a booking window.

[NEW] It's now easier to re-use numbers of formerly cancelled invoices.

[NEW] User can select numbering set when creating an invoice

[NEW] Booking List: Last filter setting will be remembered upon re-opening the software

[NEW] Booking Window: Show paid on or pay by date in the list of invoices

[NEW] Siteminder: Select server of each region

[NEW] The accounting export will now display an error message if an account number is 0

[NEW] List of unpaid invoices: Invoices can now be hidden manually

[NEW] Letter layouts can now be defined separately for offers, confirmations and invoices

[NEW] Default location for saving PDF files can now be set manually

[NEW] EPOS System Interface: Generating the files GWCHECKIN.dat or INHOUSE.dat immediately upon switching a booking's status to "Checked In" (formerly 2 minutes)

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: Bookings with the status "Disabled" no longer need a main contact

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: Bookings with the status "Disabled" will not be added as groups

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: Improved date entry

[CHANGED] Bookings with the length of one day are displayed better in the reservation schedule

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: Improved error messages

[FIXED] Incorrect correspondence language when creating new bookings with the booking assistant

[FIXED] Error when trying to display lists with the time frame 'all years'

[FIXED] Error when creating a new database and receiving UDP messages at the same time

[FIXED] Local backups are not created when the database server is used, as the cubeSQL server is responsible for creating updates then.

[FIXED] Error when doing the automatic update

[FIXED] Lodgit Desk quit whenever the connection to the database server couldn't be established.

[FIXED] When adding a new guest, communication data of an old guest was sometimes added.

[FIXED] Error when duplicating rentable units

[FIXED] Error while opening the administration window of "Synchronization and Online Modules"

[FIXED] No result when selecting the time frame All/All in the archives

[FIXED] Duplicated display of the context menu

[FIXED] Drop down menus in the booking list weren't initialised properly

[FIXED] Display error in the reservation schedule when displaying very long bookings

Release Notes 1.13.7 (01/07/2015)

[NEW] Interface for Channel Manager Siteminder

[NEW] Channel Manager: The channel manager category of each online booking is now listed within the info area "Online Booking" in the booking window.

[CHANGED] Booking Assistant: You can now add a new booking with the status Tentative without having to add a main contact.

[FIXED] When trying to crate a group booking in the reservation schedules, the names of the main contacts were sometimes displayed twice.

[FIXED] When creating an offer with city tax (displayed underneath the accommodation), the values weren't printed correctly.

[FIXED] When a guest import via CSV file was cancelled, the import dialogue opened itself anyway.