2017: 1.17.1 to 1.18.6

Release notes for 1.18.6 (12/04/2017)

[NEW] New POS interface "Vectron"

[NEW] New internal payment type "Other", which can be selected as a reference when creating a new payment type.

[NEW] Extension of the AVS registration form with the field "ue-e-gelt", which can optionally be filled and transmitted with the accommodation payment.

[CHANGED] Created separate standard extra items for each channel manager. Extra items transferred from the channel managers are assigned to this extra item unless otherwise specified.

[FIXED] In rare cases, CityTax with the setting "Deduction of the accommodation price" used the wrong tax rate in the invoice printout for the tax summary.

[FIXED] Down payment invoices can no longer be cancelled as soon as a down payment contained therein has already been cleared in a final invoice.

[FIXED] When creating offers and confirmations, an internal error occurred if the order of the extra items or packages in the offer or confirmation window was changed before printing.

[FIXED] The status "deleted" for payment methods was incorrectly saved in the GoBD journal. The value for "Active" was used instead of "deleted".

[FIXED] Fixed display errors in the "SiteMinder Categories" and "HotelSpider Categories" windows.

Release notes for 1.18.5 (11/06/2017)

[FIXED] When generating the cash balance, an error occurred and an incomplete compilation of the balance if unpaid cash invoices were present. The corresponding cash balance must therefore be reversed and re-created.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, an internal error occurred when printing out the accommodation statistics.

[FIXED] Unter bestimmten Umständen wurden die in der Preisverwaltung angegebenen Kategoriepreise nicht an das Lodgit Online-Buchungssystem übermittelt

[FIXED] Unter sehr seltenen Umständen gab es eine Rundungsdifferenz zwischen dem im Kassenbuch angezeigten Betrag des letzten Kassenabschlusses und dem Endbetrag im entsprechenden Ausdruck dieses Kassenabschlusses angezeigten Endbetrag.

Release notes for 1.18.4 (11/01/2017)

[CHANGED] When opening the guest administration via the booking window, the preselected guest is now automatically jumped to in the list.

[CHANGED] Cash book statements can be (preliminary) reversed again.

[FIXED] When you set a down payment invoice to Paid, the system enters the invoice date, not the paid date as the "Paid on" date for the down payment.

Release notes for 1.18.3 (10/30/2017)

[CHANGED] It is now possible again to move a booking into another rentable unit even if the lodging has already been invoiced

[CHANGED] It is now possible again to shorten a booking using the booking window even if the lodging has already been invoiced

[CHANGED] The payment date can now again be earlier than the invoice date

[CHANGED] When sending mails through an SMTP server the setting for "copy to myself" is now being saved

[FIXED] Accelerated the initial compiling of journal data for the GoBD-export

[FIXED] Wrong currency symbol in "Create receipt" window

[FIXED] Filtering non-printable characters when creating the GoBD-journal data

Release notes for 1.18.1 and 1.18.2 (10/24/2017)

[NEW] Lodgit Desk also localized in Spanish.

[NEW] Text templates for correspondence are available in Spanish.

[NEW] Data export GoBD for Germany incl. GoBD Journal.

[NEW] For receipts (sales) there are now different print templates for "receipts with invoice recipient" and "receipts without invoice recipient".

[NEW] For the Datev export, you can now specify for which accounts the BU key defined for the corresponding tax rate is to be transferred.

[NEW] The description of the price definitions in the "Prices" window can now optionally be printed on the correspondence. An corresponding placeholder has been added to the text management.

[NEW] Placeholder for "down payment invoice number (final invoice)", room type and room name has been added for the down payment texts.

[NEW] The printable texts can now also be adapted for receipts.

[NEW] If the interim/final amount is negative, the corresponding line in the cash journal is now highlighted in red.

[NEW] When you create the cash balance, a warning message is now displayed if either an interim amount or the final amount is negative.

[NEW] Guest management: It is now possible to define which fields are added automatically when a new guest is created via the plus button.

[NEW] Input help when entering the IP address for the connection to the Cube SQL database server. Spaces entered at the beginning or end are automatically removed.

[NEW] The help is now only available as an online help and can be called up via F1 as usual.

[NEW] Sending of the completion of multiple electronic registration forms is now possible for the "JetWeb Feratel v5" registration form system.

[NEW] In the Channel Manager HotelSpider, the age of the guests is now displayed in the booking window (section Online booking) in the display of the other transmitted data.

[NEW] GoBD: When printing a draft invoice, it is now also saved and can be viewed in the correspondence window.

[NEW] GoBD: When the payment method of an invoice or correction invoice is changed, a new version of the invoice or correction invoice is created. The older versions of this invoice or correction invoice can be viewed in the correspondence.

[NEW] GoBD: When the recipient of an invoice is changed, a new version of the invoice is created. Older versions of this invoice can be viewed in the correspondence.

[CHANGED] Changed the name of some windows and menu entries. Menu item "Archive" now reads "Correspondence", window "Finances" now reads "Finance", window "Cash box" now reads "Create receipt".

[CHANGED] GoBD: When you reassign the same number (invoice number, receipt number), the system now displays a warning message. All invoices, correction invoices and documents that have already been created are taken into account.

[CHANGED] The movement of bookings for which the accommodation has been settled is prevented.

[CHANGED] Button to the window "Create receipt" in the window "Cash book".

[CHANGED] Button to the window "Cash book" in the window "Create receipt".

[CHANGED] The button for address format in the guest administration has been made more prominent.

[CHANGED] Added extended timeframe display in the Cashier Closings window.

[CHANGED] The Price Wizard in the Channel Manager settings window has been reworked.

[CHANGED] The setting for currencies and payment methods has been revised.

[CHANGED] The prices for Channel Manager categories can only be edited for assigned categories.

[CHANGED] The default value for the checkmark in "Show status window at sync" is now "off".

[CHANGED] A "Checkout" button has been added to the electronic registration form systems "JetWeb Feratel v5" and "JetWeb IncommingSoft" to make it clearer that they must be checked out.

[CHANGED] Print function for electronic registration form system "JetWeb Feratel v5" revised.

[CHANGED] Added a check that when creating, editing or changing an electronic registration form the departure is greater than the arrival date and the registration form is created for at least one booking.

[CHANGED] During creation or change of an electronic registration form the verification of the registration data has been improved.

[CHANGED] When closing a registration form, the list of electronic registration forms will now display if it has already been completed according to Feratel.

[CHANGED] Registration form data, if available, of deleted entries will be displayed in the list of electronic registration forms.

[CHANGED] Canceled registration forms are displayed in the list of electronic registration forms.

[CHANGED] In the "Receipts" window in the "Sales" section, when changing the correspondence language, the data of the "Extra items" list displayed on the left is now filled again according to the settings in the text management.

[CHANGED] GoBD: When creating documents, the image used for the header area (as with letterhead text and footer text) is now also saved, so that it is also loaded when the settings for the corresponding letter layout are changed.

[CHANGED] GoBD: When you create an invoice, correction invoice, or document, the invoice/document date must no longer be in the future.

[CHANGED] GoBD: When you reprint a document that does not contain an invoice recipient, the word "COPY" is noted on the document.

[CHANGED] GoBD: From now on, only the payment method can be changed for correction invoices. It is possible to change the status of the correction invoice if it has the status "Open".

[CHANGED] GoBD: The change of payment method from and to "cash payment" has been removed for invoices and correction invoices.

[CHANGED] GoBD: Invoices, correction invoices and receipts with the payment method "cash payment" are set to "paid" immediately upon creation.

[CHANGED] GoBD: With the "Set to Paid" option for invoices, correction invoices or receipts for which the payment type "Cash Payment" has been selected, the invoice / correction invoice/document date is always used for the payment date.

[CHANGED] GoBD: In the case of "Set to Paid" of an already created invoice or correction invoice, the payment date must be the same as or after the date of the invoice or correction invoice and must not be in the future.

[CHANGED] Invoices are now always cancelled using the "Cancel with cover letter" function.

[CHANGED] GoBD: Cash book closing once it has been created is fixed and cannot be reversed.

[CHANGED] GoBD: When the cash balance is created, the closing date can be up to 2 days in the past.

[CHANGED] For invoices that have the status "Paid", you can change the invoice recipient.

[CHANGED] GoBD: It is not possible to change the invoice recipient for cash payments whose invoice date lies before the last cash balance.

[CHANGED] GoBD: It is possible to change the invoice recipient for invoices as long as they have not yet been exported via the accounting export.

[CHANGED] GoBD: Resetting the export status during accounting export has been removed.

[CHANGED] GoBD: Already exported data can now be exported again when exporting accounting data.

[FIXED] Display error when displaying the booking list via CMD+F fixed.

[FIXED] It was not possible to print out cash accounts that did not contain any entries.

[FIXED] The labels of deleted guests were still displayed in the guest administration in the corresponding menus for "Communication" and "Additional information".

[FIXED] Receipts were not taken into account when checking whether a change of currency is allowed.

[FIXED] The totals row is now exported when exporting accommodation statistics to xlsx.

[FIXED] When exporting the extra item list to xlsx, the totals row is now exported as well.

[FIXED] Sending the error report from Windows works again.

[FIXED] Settings for normal capacity for capacity utilization and key figures are again made customizable.

[FIXED] Under rare circumstances, it was no longer possible to create your own room types.

[FIXED] Blocked periods were not transferred if the to-date was later than 2 years in the future.

[FIXED] For hidden room types/objects, overbookings were not displayed correctly in the occupancy plan in the menu.

[FIXED] Changing the currency was not possible under very rare circumstances.

[FIXED] Self defined payment methods could not be removed.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, a booking could be moved despite being fixed (period, rental unit).

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, there was a display error in object management (rental units) with the selection buttons for bookable packages.

[FIXED] Internal error when importing guest data if the guest's language should be imported.

[FIXED] An internal error occurred in rare cases when changing the bill-to party.

[FIXED] When importing POS data via the "Standard (Protel compatible)" interface, the article ID is now displayed if no description has been found.

[FIXED] During the search in the guest administration, guests with umlauts were not found, although the search term (including upper and lower case letters) matched the entered value.

[FIXED] If Lodgit Desk was connected to the Cube SQL database server and the backup settings were called in Lodgit Desk, an internal error may have occurred.

[FIXED] An internal error could occur if the connection to the Cube SQL database server was interrupted.

[FIXED] When using an cross-object online booking system, the sync could not be executed correctly if no arrival and departure times were defined for this system.

[FIXED] Revised the check when deleting a booking to see whether a valid electronic registration form has been created for it.

[FIXED] If during the sync guest data were transferred, which contained quotation marks, the guests were not found correctly and a new guest was always created.

Release Notes 1.17.6 (07/18/2017)

[NEW] The registration form ID is now shown in the list "List of E-Registration Forms"

[NEW] It is now possible to resend the state "completed" via the "JetWeb Feratel V5" interface. In the list "List of E-Registration Forms" it is now possible to resend all displayed completed e-registration forms via the "JetWeb Feratel V5" interface.

[CHANGED] It is no longer possible to delete bookings containing e-registration forms.

[FIXED] The last changed value in the field "Amount" was not always saved.

[FIXED] In some instances warning notice was sent multiple times when opening a booking with another Lodgit Desk instance.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances an XML-error occurred when sending Special characters via the "JetWeb Feratel V5" interface.

[FIXED] When generating an e-registration form (JetWeb Feratel V5) on the day of the departure the e-registration form was set to "completed" in Lodgit Desk but not completed in Feratel. The completion of the e-reistration forms has to be resend to Feratel manually.

[FIXED] In some cases the description was sent instead of the guest type ID when resending e-registration forms via the interface (JetWeb Feratel V5).

[FIXED] In very rare cases it was not possible to set a folder to save PDF-files.

[FIXED] In very rare cases it was not possible to set a folder to save the DATEV-export.

Release Notes 1.17.5 (06/01/2017)

[CHANGED] In the "cash register" the values from the list on the left can now be edited.

[CHANGED] The scroll-button underneath the bookings list was moved to the left.

[CHANGED] When generating a receipt in the "cash register" the window is no longer automatically closed.

[CHANGED] In the EPOS interface "Standard (PROTEL-comaptible)" it is now possible to configure wether the imported extras are disbursements or services rendered.

[CHANGED] When configuring the e-registration system Feratel it is now possible to enter an alternative http or https address.

[FIXED] When sending data via the e-registration system Feratel the sent data is now enclosed in double quotation marks.

[FIXED] Leading zeroes in the login credentials for JetWeb Intobis were erroneously removed during saving.

[FIXED] An internal error during the accounting export, caused by deposits with a value of 0, was removed.

[FIXED] The automatic allocation of "bookings without rentable units" was not possible in rare cases when a multiple-object system was present in the online booking system.

[FIXED] When setting a display filter in the bookings list the search was not executed in rare cases.

[FIXED] When setting the status of a booking to "checked out" the incrementation of the "bookings count" in the guest administration now also for accompanying guests.

[FIXED] As soon as the additional module "hotel locking system" was activated, there were attempts to connect even when no IP-adress was entered.

[FIXED] UDP-messages are now only sent when a connection to the Cube-SQL-database server exists.

[FIXED] the realised guest-nights were calculated wrong. The count of guests was erroneously limited to the norm capacity.

[FIXED] In rare cases it was not possible to remove accompanying guests form bookings.

[FIXED] When opening the window "ticket system" umlauts were not displayed correctly.

Release Notes 1.17.4 (01/27/2017)

[FIXED] The filter settings (booking list) were not always saved for the next program start.

[FIXED] The bookings list was not always refreshed when new online bookings were transmitted.

[FIXED] In the accounting export DATEV "+" was used as decimal separator instead of the correct ",".

Release Notes 1.17.3 (01/25/2017)

[NEW] When generating a receipt via the cash register window you can now choose a number from the invoice number range.

[NEW] For sales reciepts there is now the possibility to add further information in a text field.

[CHANGED] When opening the cash register for the first time the payment method cash is selected.

[CHANGED] The Windows version now also changes the until date in the calender search of the reservation schedule if a later from-date is selected.

[FIXED] Removed faulty thousands delimiter from the book keeping export.

[FIXED] Account movmements (debit/credit) in the book keeping export respective purchases, money transfers (cash register to bank) and private withdrawals were inverted.

[FIXED] When printing on too narrow paper there was a fatal error.

[FIXED] Changes to the description of rentable units, rentable units, extras and packages were sometimes not synced.

[FIXED] The button to add something in the cash register was not always activated correctly.

[FIXED] Windows: You can now use ctrl+a in the list of the guest management window to select all.

Release Notes 1.17.2 (01/19/2017)

[NEW] In the DATEV accounting export you now can determine which information is shown in the posting text.

[NEW] The setting which objexts and rentable units are shown is now saved.

[CHANGED] Revision of the contextmenu for the repeated printing of cash receipts.

[FIXED] Error when closing the cash desk window while no rentable units were in the database.

[FIXED] While generating a cash receipt (cash desk window) there was an internal error if no rentable units were in the database.

[FIXED] While generating a cash receipt an internal error occurs when the additional module RKSV is active.

[FIXED] Printing a cash receipt via the context menu of the cash book causes an internal error.

[FIXED] The labels "invoice" and "corrective invoice" were exchanged in the cash book.

Release Notes 1.17.1 (01/16/2017)

[NEW] It is now possible to create receipts for direct proceeds (cash, ec-cash, credit card, cheque) independently of bookings.
[NEW] Enabled default consent for data transfer to rating portals

[NEW] New filter possibilities in the bookings-list

[NEW] Added button to call a guest directly from the guest-history. Provided telephone software is configured on the computer.

[NEW] The number of the cancelled invoice is displayed next to the number of the correction invoice in the guest history.

[NEW] Guest history (bookings) now includes the number of guest-nights

[NEW] Expansion of some lists in the guest history to include summations

[NEW] Account movements with an amount of 0 can now optionally be removed from the accounting export (DATEV).

[NEW] New filter in the archive to locate offers and confirmations for deleted bookings.

[CHANGE] Adjustment of purchases, transfers (cashbook <-> bank) und private deposits and -withdrawals

[CHANGE] Purchases, sales, transfers and private deposits and -withdrawals can no longer be erased from the cashbook

[CHANGE] Renamed "cancellation credit" to "corrective invoice"

[CHANGE] bookings with the status "cancelled online booking" are ignored during billing

[CHANGE] The "DATEV" accounting export now shows the name of the invoice recipient

[CHANGE] The options "bundle identical extra items" and "names of rental units behind extra items" can no longer be selected together

[FIXED] In very few instances of "detailed" transmissions during RKSV export rounding differences occurred

[FIXED] An error occurred while transferring data to TripAdvisor Review Express causing no data to be transferred

[FIXED] While retransmitting invoices (state "cancelled") to cBird negative values were transferred

[FIXED] While retransmitting invoices (state "paid") to cBird positive values were transferred

[FIXED] During synchronization of occupied times bookings too far in the future were ignored

[FIXED] The "DATEV" accounting export now contains two positions after the comma

[FIXED] The export (xslx) of the cleaning list (week/month) caused an internal error if only one object was selected

[FIXED] There was a very rare possibility for the "paid at" date of a deposit was overwritten/deleted during saving in the booking dialogue

[FIXED] When setting the status to "checked out" in the bookings dialogue the value "number of bookings" of the respective main guest was not incremented or reduced

[FIXED] The booking list now also shows future booking in the filter "services not yet billed"