Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.
[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.
[NEW] A new feature in the program.

Release Notes for 2.8.7 to 2.8.9 (11/14/2022)

[FIXED] Added support for macOS 13 Ventura

[FIXED] Crashes on Mac Intel / Preventura systems fixed

Release Notes for 2.8.5 to 2.8.6 (10/17/2022)

[CHANGED] Lists/utilisation and key figures: various options can now be used to calculate utilisation.

[FIXED] Some translations changed.

[FIXED] The footer is now always correctly displayed on the first page in the print templates.

[FIXED] Connection to AVS servers ensured.

[FIXED] Settings/bookings/editing/sharing bookings: Settings through the radio buttons are taken over correctly.

Release Notes for 2.8.4 (09/27/2022)

[NEW] Support Vectron API Protocol Version 1.3

[FIXED] Mapping for channel managers was not displayed correctly for some cases.

[FIXED] Finance reports: show loading bar after changing the finance events time frame.

Release Notes for 2.8.3 (09/05/2022)

Important: Please do NOT use version 2.8.2 because it was delivered without indices! With large databases, the programme may become unresponsive in normal operation. Please install this version as a bug fix!

[CHANGED] Text change: For the minLOS settings in Lodgit Desk, overnight stays are now correctly referred to as "nights" and not "days".

[FIXED] Indices regenerated to increase performance.

Release Notes for 2.8.2 (08/24/2022)

Important: Please use the latest version of the CubeSQLite database server (version 5.9.0) if you use Lodgit Desk together with it.

[CHANGED] Optimization of the database leads to improved performance, especially for large databases with many rental objects.

[FIXED] Speed of the occupancy plan improved.

[FIXED] OBS bookings: The value for the address field "Addition" is now saved properly.

Release Notes for 2.8.1 (06/15/2022)

[NEW] The specification of a guest's nationality in guest management is now done using a dropdown menu.

[NEW] Sales receipts with invoice recipient can now also be printed on a receipt printer.

[NEW] Deletion log: When a booking is deleted, a corresponding log entry is created.

[NEW] Booking list: New filter option by booking status implemented.

[CHANGED] Deposit payments with the same due dates are now combined on offers and confirmations.

[CHANGED] Updated Siteminder logo.

[CHANGED] Performance optimizations in synchronization implemented.

[CHANGED] Registration form AVS: Alphanumeric characters are now accepted for the values of ID card and passport number.

[CHANGED] The "Use local DB" button in the "Lost connection to database server" window now refers to a page in the documentation. This prevents unintentional switching to the outdated local database.

[CHANGED] Fixed default Spanish texts (left column) in text management.

[FIXED] The option "Repeat fiscalization" is now displayed as soon as either the interface to the TSE is activated or invoices or posting changes were fiscalized via TSE in the past.

[FIXED] The tax rate of the accommodation tax was only displayed at the first posting price section when printing, if this had the property "At the lodging costs" or "In the explanation text".

[FIXED] The status window displayed during fiscalization (TSE) was not correctly closed automatically after fiscalization was successfully performed.

[FIXED] It was not possible to create an XLSX export if there were spaces in the export path.

[FIXED] When exporting the "Finances" list section "Extras", the columns for "Amounts" remained empty if the extra items were not assigned to a super category.

Release Notes for 2.7.1 (03/02/2022)

[NEW] The extra item list can now be exported into CSV format.

[NEW] macOS: The encryption types AES128, AES256 and SSL are now supported when connecting to the CubeSQL database server.

[CHANGED] Canceled online bookings are now ignored by default when searching for available rental units in the booking plan.

[CHANGED] If an invoice was not fiscalized correctly, the TSE fiscalization process can now be run again.

[CHANGED] Printing the TSE signature text can now be disabled. In this case, the QR code is displayed next to the recipient address.

[FIXED] Opening of the software is faster due to database optimizations.

[FIXED] Overlong booking names no longer slow down the booking plan.

[FIXED] The Lodgit logo is displayed in the "About Us" window.

[FIXED] Opening a booking in the channel manager event log is possible again.

[FIXED] The action button of the channel manager event log "Settings" now correctly opens the "Synchronization and Online Modules" window.

[FIXED] Creating offers for group bookings: When the offer window is open, the checkbox for printing "Short description" is visible.

[FIXED] Creating confirmations for group bookings: When the offer window is open, the checkbox for printing "Short description" is visible.

[FIXED] Lodgit generally warns now of missing cash closings, i.e. the option "Billing options > Remind of cash closing" is now enabled by default.

[FIXED] The Spanish translations of the user interface have been revised.

[FIXED] In the Vectron interface, the unnecessary conversion of text encoding has been removed.

[FIXED] Windows: line spacing in the footer text in combination with the [PAGE_NUMBER] placeholder has been corrected, the placeholder is now also replaced correctly.

Release Notes for 2.6.4 (01/04/2022)

[NEW] By using the placeholder "[PAGE_NUMBER]" in the letter footer, page numbers for offers, confirmations, invoices and receipts can now be inserted.

[FIXED] Windows: The update process at programme start was not recognised as finished under very rare circumstances. This caused Lodgit to hang up on start.