Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.
[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.
[NEW] A new feature in the program.

Release Notes for 3.0.6 (25/09/2023)

[NEW] The calculation of the person-dependent percentage bed tax calculation has been added.

[NEW] It is now possible to assign multiple labels to a booking.

[NEW] Generation of letters/emails from the booking. These letters/emails can then be viewed in the booking window in the "Correspondence" section.

[NEW] Quick opening of the default email program from the booking window, if the main guest has an email address.

[NEW] It is now possible to select multiple extra items and packages in the booking window and thus delete them at the same time.

[NEW] It is now possible to mark multiple invoices in the "Open invoices" window and thus hide them for the dunning run at the same time.

[CHANGED] A more detailed error message is now displayed when it is detected that the TSE certificate has expired.

[CHANGED] The opening of the invoice window has been revised. The invoice window now appears on the screen from which it was opened.

[CHANGED] When a TSE is initialized, the security key currently used according to the settings is now entered in the 'Old security key' field.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an unexpected error occurred when printing the accommodation statistics.

[FIXED] Occupancy plan: The selection rectangle was not displayed under macOS.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, the program crashed when the connection to the CubeSQL database server was interrupted.

[FIXED] The drop-down menu for managing the templates for the booking notes is now working again.


Release Notes for 3.0.5 (18/07/2023)

[NEW] When sending e-mails via the SMTP interface V2, it's now possible to choose between "STARTSSL" and "SSL/TSL.

[CHANGED] If the certificate of a TSE is about to expire, either an information window or the reorder page of an Epson TSE can be opened via a dialog window.

[CHANGED] Guest management > Guest information: The action button next to the email address now optionally allows the following actions:

  • Passing the displayed email address to the default email program.
  • Open the "Create letter" window with the desired e-mail address preselected.

[FIXED] Improved display of error message when sending e-mail via SMTP

[FIXED] For the TSE PIN and PUK alphanumeric values are allowed again

Release Notes for 3.0.4 (11/07/2023)

[NEW] Channelmanager: SiteMinder - Reservation Rates (e.g. "with breakfast", "without breakfast") can now be automatically linked to the matching extra items in Lodgit.

[NEW] When sending HTML emails, it is now possible to define the colors as well as to include a hotel logo.

[NEW] For a booked package it is now possible to change the dates of all included extras at the same time - including start date, end date, (guest) number.

[NEW] New hint/Alert when the Technical Security Unit (TSE) certificate is due to expire in 2 months or less (incl. new status icon).

[NEW] In the "Create receipt" window, it is now possible to filter the list of extras from the extra item management by name.

[CHANGED] When deleting entries, the user who made the deletion is saved. The corresponding information is displayed in the "Deletion Log (Entries)".

[CHANGED] When working with invoices, the user who edited the invoice is saved. The corresponding information is displayed in the "Change log - Invoices".

[CHANGED] Sending e-mails via SMTP server is the new default setting.

[FIXED] The TSE Wizard can now be closed via a button in each operating step.

[FIXED] When initializing a TSE, the query of the old security key is available.

[FIXED] In some areas of the program, the guest name/company name was not displayed correctly if there was a "&" in the name.

[FIXED] The login window was blocked by the synchronization status window in rare cases.

[FIXED] For birthday notices, the option "Consider only present guests" is now applied correctly.

[FIXED] Datev control key > Affected accounts: Settings related to accounts are now deleted correctly.

Release Notes for 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 (05/04/2023)

[FIXED] It is now possible again to change booked extra items and packages in the booking window.

[FIXED] When calculating the percentage value for creating deposits, the lodging price is now taken into account again.

[FIXED] When duplicating bookings, the price definitions were doubled.

Release Notes for 3.0.1 (05/03/2023)

[NEW] User Management (Beta status, please request month long trial!):

  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Create and assign access rights
  • Configure and assign different user roles
  • Security function: automatic logout after 60 min without user activity

[NEW] If a booking contains a previously blocked guest, this will be specially marked by:

  • Display of the guest name in the colour red in the booking window
  • The booking description displayed in the colour red in the booking plan
  • Display the guest name in the colour red in the guest list
  • Online bookings: Entry note in the error log of the online systems

[NEW] Online booking notes can be optionally printed in the check-in list and the check-out list

[CHANGED] Online booking notes are displayed (again) in the "General" section of the booking window

[CHANGED] Display of the license expiration for the TSE module can now be hidden

[CHANGED] Channel Manager: HotelSpider endpoint updated

[FIXED] macOS Security Response 13.3.1 (a) Update prevents programme startup

[FIXED] Correct display of the total price of the booking in the "General" section of the booking window

[FIXED] Serial printing of correspondences as PDF failed as soon as two or more documents had the same number

[FIXED] Internal error as soon as the guest history "Reminders" was called and reminders existed for this guest

[FIXED] "Birthday hints" window was no longer displayed at program startup

[FIXED] Guest management: Guest is now correctly recognised as main contact in the guest history "Bookings" again

Release Notes for 2.9.3 (03/08/2023)

[FIXED] Adding a main contact to a new booking, that was generated via the menu "bookings > new", is now working again.

[FIXED] After merging guests and transferring future bookings to the selected guest, the booking label in the booking plan may not have been adjusted.

Release Notes for 2.9.2 (03/06/2023)

[FIXED] When merging guests, all future bookings were incorrectly assigned to the selected guest, regardless of whether they belonged to the duplicate or not.

Release Notes for 2.9.1 (03/06/2023)

[NEW] Emails sent via SMTP are now available in HTML format. Sending simple letters from the guest management has been implemented. In the settings it is possible to select which of the 3 available templates should be used for sending HTML mails.

[NEW] When receiving Channel Manager changed bookings, the booking notes are now transferred from the old booking to the new modified version.

[NEW] Guests who have been created several times (duplicates) can be combined into one contact in the guest management.

[NEW] Extension of the "GDPR data deletion" window. Complete bookings can now also be deleted here.

[NEW] When data is sent to the "Feratel" registration form system, the e-mail address and telephone number of guests are now also transferred.

[NEW] Connection of the Feratel guest card system

[NEW] When sending data to the "Feratel" registration form system, it's now also transmitted whether the guest has given his consent to Feratel passing on data to the Feratel guest card system. This setting is made in the guest administration.

[NEW] Check implemented whether the operating system used is already supported.

[CHANGED] Performance has been improved when deleting multiple postings.

[CHANGED] When transferring online bookings, the booking and guest notes entered by the guest or the channel manager are now saved in a separate field. These are displayed for new bookings in the booking window in the "Online bookings" section.

[CHANGED] For German Customers: Benefits with a tax rate of 9.0 and 9.5 are now also accepted when fiscalizing with the TSE

[CHANGED] Receipt creation: The input fields are emptied after adding the item (arrow key) to the receipt.

[CHANGED] Adaptation of various texts in the program interface.

[CHANGED] List of correspondence: Revision of the check whether the interfaces TSE and RKSV are used or have been used.

[CHANGED] When using the CubeSQL database server, the automatic update is now always disabled.

[FIXED] Booking list below the booking plan: The status bar display now correlates with the number of bookings found.

[FIXED] The use of PINs that are too short during initialization or when changing the access data is now correctly prevented in the TSE Wizzard.

[FIXED] In rare cases, the available rental units were not correctly displayed in the Häfele window for "Medium Encoding".

[FIXED] In rare cases the communication with Vectron was interrupted as soon as guest names were transmitted which contained special characters/umlauts. Umlauts and special characters are now transmitted masked.

[FIXED] When used with the CubeSQL database server, it was not possible to enter guest discounts with decimal places in the guest management.

[FIXED] The placeholder "[NUMBER]" was not correctly replaced in very rare cases when resending documents as "Emails with PDF attachment".

[FIXED] Offer window: The setting for the print option "Period of extra items" was not correctly set to the last status when opening the window.

[INTERNAL] Vorbereitung für neues Modul: Weitere Funktionen für das neue Modul Nutzerverwaltung implementiert.

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