Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.
[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.
[NEW] A new feature in the program.

Version History for 2.3.3 (12.02.2020)

[FIXED] When opening the Documents window, the settings for the number range were not loaded correctly. If you had configured individual number ranges in Lodgit Desk under the settings, these were no longer automatically preset in the "Documents" window after the update, but the default number range.

[FIXED] When opening the Sales Quotation, Confirmation, Invoice, and Documents windows, the settings for the 2nd currency were not loaded correctly.

Version History for 2.3.2 (11.02.2020)

[FIXED] Windows: The internal update search now refers to the download page instead of the internal download program.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, opening the "Correspondence" list was extremely delayed or no longer possible.

Release Notes for 2.3.1 (10.02.2020)

[NEW] Object management > Rental units > Cleaning : You can set a new cleaning interval, which is depending on the number of overnight stays.

[NEW] Object management > rental units > Cleaning: 14-day cleaning interval selectable

[NEW] Warning when creating documents dated more than 3 years ago

[NEW] The creation of documents is now prevented if a date is before 1.1.1970.

[CHANGED] Windows: When sending e-mails via the standard e-mail program, a modal window is now used which is always on top.

[CHANGED] Error message revised if an error occurred when deleting extra item packages.

[CHANGED] In the lists "Correspondence", "Financial reports", "Down payment list", "Guest history > Offers", "Guest history > Confirmations", "Guest history > Invoices", "Guest history > Correction invoices", "Guest history > Reminders", "Guest history > Letters" and "Guest history > Receipts", only the years for which data exists are displayed in the "Period" filter.

[CHANGED] List financial reports: If the search date is too far in the past, the buttons are now correctly disabled. In addition, a note text is displayed below the list.

[CHANGED] Improved error message on connection failure with the cubeSQL.

[CHANGED] Various changes to the predefined texts in the text management.

[CHANGED] Improved display of the picture buttons throughout the program.

[CHANGED] Channelmanager: Logo and name of Cultuzz replaced by Cultswitch

[FIXED] macOS 10.15 (Catalina): The second color change causes a crash.

[FIXED] macOS 10.15 (Catalina): When displaying diagrams the texts in the diagram were missing.

[FIXED] macOS 10.15 (Catalina): Sending e-mails with PDF attachments to the standard e-mail program was no longer possible.

[FIXED] List "Financial Reports": Existing down payment invoices were not displayed if the filters were set to "All valid objects" and "Referred to: Paid on".

[FIXED] In the "Go to Date" window, the calendar weeks did not comply with the ISO standard.

[FIXED] An internal error occurred when losing the connection to the CubeSQL database server and simultaneously editing a booking via the booking plan.

[FIXED] Electronic registration form system "AVS": When creating a registration form for a group booking, an internal error may have occurred.

[FIXED] Electronic registration form system "Feratel": When printing a created registration form, the URL always referred to the Feratel test server if no host name was stored in the URL with the corresponding settings.

[FIXED] Electronic registration form system "Feratel": An internal error may have occurred when completing a registration form that had been created.

[FIXED] Creating reminders for invoices of deleted guests led to an internal error.

[FIXED] When creating an invoice or a correction invoice, the texts for "Tax (gross)" were not saved.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurs when leaving a table list.

[FIXED] A payment type which had the property "Active=No" was neither displayed in the text management nor in the settings for "Accounting export" and "Kassa Austria RKSV".

[FIXED] Down payment list" list: The fields for the period are not deactivated correctly.

[FIXED] The "Correspondence" list opens very slowly if documents prior to 1970 are available. 

[FIXED] When printing the lists "Correspondence > Documents" and "Correspondence > Corrective invoice", the headings in the printout were incorrect.

[FIXED] List "Correspondence": The pictures in the column "Type" may have been blurred.

[FIXED] Missing texts and translations in the "Additional modules > GoBD Export" window

[FIXED] Windows: When opening the context menu (right click) of a booking in the booking plan there were too many entries in the context menu.

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