Seperate Invoices for one Booking

There are two ways to issue two separate invoices for one booking; these can of course have different payment methods.

Quick and dirty:

Add a deposit of 50% to the booking and issue the deposit invoice to quest no. 1 and the final invoice to the second guest, if this procedure is OK for them.

Proper but elaborate:

  1. In principle Lodgit Desk needs two bookings for two separate invoices. The program offers the possibility to draw in bookings on top of each other in the same room. And this is what you have to do.
  2. Take one of the bookings for guest no. 1 and the other for guest no. 2 and reduce the price of each booking to 50% (e.g. if the room costs 50,-€/night change the room price to 25€/night). 
  3. You can select and invoice these bookings individually. You can switch between the bookings when right clicking on the booking in the reservation schedule and selecting „select overbooking“.