Settings for synchronising with channel manager HotelSpider

The requirements

In order to use the channel manager DIRS21 channelswitch with Lodgit Desk, you’ll need:

  • the module “Channel Manager Interface” from Lodgit, which you can order in our online shop at
  • an agreement with the channel manager Hotel-Spider. You can find a form listing their prices and terms in your Lodgit account at
  • contracts and/or agreements with the internet booking channels that you can get on their respective websites.

Got everything? Then we can get started!

Activate rentable units for synchronization

You can easily adjust which rentable units can be booked online in the tab "Synchronise". It is irrelevant whether these units will be synchronised with one or several online modules. Here, you'll also decide which of your objects should be combined into a multiple-object system.

Multiple-Object Systems

Lodgit Desk allows you to combine different objects in Lodgit Desk into one system for the modules "Online Systems" and "Interface: Channel Manager". Within Lodgit Desk, these objects will still be handled separately (e.g. to create separate statistics), online they are treated as one object, though.

Assign units in Lodgit Desk

After you have added the categories or units in HotelSpider, you can now assign them to the appropriate units in Lodgit Desk.

  1. Open your Lodgit Desk installation and go to Administration > Synchronisation and Online Modules > HotelSpider. Select the object you want to connect to the channel manager:

Enter your Hotel-Spider ID and hotel name into the fields and select the version of the interface you are using (usually the latest version). Then press the button Load Hotel-Spider IDs. If this should not work properly (if you are unable to select any HotelSpider categories in the next step) you can also enter the HotelSpider IDs manually by clicking the respective button and filling out the table. 
Then, switch to the tab Hotel-Spider Categories.

2. First, select the Mode. The Category Mode is suited best for accommodations with a lot of similar units, like a hotel. The Unit Mode is best suited for accommodations with very individual units, like a vacation home rental.

3. In the left column you’ll find your units or unit categories, depending on which mode you’ve selected. In the right column you can choose which Hotel-Spider category corresponds to which rentable unit or category in Lodgit Desk.
Please note: Categories or units you don’t want to synchronise with the channel manager can simply be deselected in the first column.

4. With that, you’ve already finished the basic setup. Return to the tab General. Check the box that says Activate Channel Manager.

5. Test the connection by going to File > Synchronise. This will send your current availabilities of all selected units to the server and you can make sure the availabilities are listed correctly in the backend of the channel manager.
Please note: Due to server sync schedules, it may take a few (up to 15) minutes before the changes are displayed in Hotel-Spider.